Cure chronic gum and teeth conditions like periodititis with a simple ancient exercise

Last Updated on July 26, 2018

The teeth tapping exercise have been taught in ancient Chinese healing since thousand of years ago. Here’s how to do it as outlined in the book “The Mystery of Longetivity” by Liu Zhengchai:

Every morning, close the mouth lightly and tap molars together, then front teeth, then canine teeth, 36 times each. Then let the tongue tip touch the upper palate and blow up cheeks to rinse mouth. Swallow the accumulated saliva in three gulps.

This can strengthen teeth and prevent dental ailments. One who has persistently tapped his teeth for decades is now in his 60s with his whole set of teeth in place and in good condition. One person reported tapping his teeth together 200 times in the morning and again at night, curing periodititis. As a folk saying instructs, “Tap teeth together 36 times in early morning and your teeth will not fall out when you are old.”

Lick the tongue around the inside of the mouth and rinse the mouth by circulating an air bubble to stretch cheeks and lips. This can stimulate the secretory antibody, helping to digest food, killing bacteria and viruses. Recent studies have shown the saliva gland can synthesize certain bioactive substance which act on growth of blood sodium and blood sugar. Evidently, it was a sound scientific principle for ancient scholars on the art of healthy living to urge people to “prize saliva as gold.”

I was read elsewhere that the exercise unites both yin and yang and as the qi is accumulated and swallowed, it improves our digestive system. Do this exercise early in the morning before you brush your teeth or eat.

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