Why drinking too much tea can cause stiffness and pain

Arthritis, Diets, Pain or Injuries

Now, in traditional diets in India which contained heavy spices and oil, drinking tea is fine as it helps to cool down the effects of heavy spices and oil. Therefore, those who eat diets that are heavy in spice and oil would need to take tea. Even after a dish of fried rice or Hokkien fried, drinking a cup of hot Chinese tea would help.

But for vegetarians or anyone who usually take a diet very low in fat, drinking tea is a bad idea. Believe it or not, it has a ‘corrosive’ effect on the veins and linings of the stomach – as it does not have any oil to wash off, it corrodes part of the lining instead. Therefore, you can take tea after a heavy meal of fried or oily stuff but if you eat mainly salads or are on a low fat diet, cut down on your tea intake. If not, don’t be surprised that you suffer from recurring limb or body stiffness no matter how many times you do yoga in a day.

She told me that she had a friend who complained about having the intestines all tangled up- and needed to go for an operation (this condition do exist, I do not know the medical term for it but someone I knew also suffered from this condition). The healer had advised her friend to take some oil- in the form of animal fat in small quantities and stop drinking tea. But the person does not believe it- so it would be likely that she would be going for the operation.

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