The danger of holding grudges and being angry towards your heart

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A friend of mine who had practiced meditation for years had advised me the downside of holding grudges and being angry at others. She said that a lot of people had developed heart problems and blockages because they were unable to deal with the negative emotions, mainly anger, grudges, suppression of disappointment and feelings of revenge.

She said that when we experience negative emotion, the breath circulating within our body becomes like a needle- it turns and pricks the heart repeatedly again and again. We would be able to associate this with the cleansed and actual painful or clenched feeling we feel at our heart/chest region whenever we are experiencing extreme sadness or anger.

Sub-consciously, we shrink our bodies- almost in a hunched shape to protect our heart. Repeated time of being in this way eventually stiffens the heart and the blood vessels around it causing blockages.

After having that experience, my friend did not dare to hold grudges. I really admire her because I have seen how she dealt with a lot of adversities in her life and yet she could remain bubbly and forgiving. She saw no worth in holding grudges- she preferred to look at herself honestly instead of going around to look for fault in other people.

This problem would be compounded if the person also is a heavy coffee drinker and eat food that are high in fat, as well as remain sedentary (seldom is able to find time to exercise or move around).

Drinking coffee is actually bad for both the heart and kidneys. The stimulant in the coffee makes our heart and kidneys worked many times harder. When we drink coffee, it actually stiffens our arteries, veins and the rest of the circulation system. For those who decide that tea is better….well do look out for the next article about how drinking too much tea may not be good for you…

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