Kidney pain that went off with the extraction of a problem tooth

Last Updated on July 25, 2020

Personally, I’ve been suffering from pain around my kidney area for a few years. It was worst during the days that I take lots of gourmet coffee like lattes and lead a highly stressed life. With stress reduction, the pain is there but lesser because I still could not give up coffee.

The dull ache at my right kidney area sometimes wake me up early in the morning. After my visit to the bathroom, the dull ache is gone but will return intermittently during the day. A few years ago, I went to a physician who referred me to an urologist. I did extensive tests- including UV, blood/urine tests, and having a radioactive dye injected via my veins and with the x-rays taken. The test results were normal- the specialist could not find what was wrong- according to him, my kidneys were okay.

One thing was for sure- I’ve always had dental problems for the past few years because I tried to avoid visiting the dentist unless I really had no choice. Because of this, I tried other ways to tolerate molars that were bothering me- till I had no choice and the dentist had to give me the bad news- that I could not save my molars. Twice, I had to have my molars extracted because I have waited too long to seek treatment.

But I’ve had my suspicion on the relationship between the tooth and kidney– and one of the factors that prompted me to overcome my fear of dentist drills and needles is the fact that infection could enter my body via the rotting molar and affect the kidney (this is mentioned in fields of energy medicine). I did not want the dull pain on my right kidney area to continue.

So I went and have my molar extracted- after my dentist convinced me that there was nothing I could do to save it. My dentist has excellent bedside manner- if he cannot calm me, I don’t know who else could. After he pulled out the molar, I took one look at it and chided myself for not acting earlier. The upper part of the molar had literally rotted- and I was having a rotting tooth in me for so long.

After the molar was extracted (on my left upper jaw), my right kidney seldom have any dull ache or pain- in fact, I cannot remember if there is anymore pain. And what’s more, I need not be careful of eating for fear that sharp pain will occur if I accidentally used the rotted molar to bit anything. Neither do I need to use a toothpick and brush my teeth- especially that problem molar after every meal. I followed my own list of precautions after tooth extraction and did not suffer any pain.

This goes on to say that a lot of our fears are basically unfounded.

Therefore, if you have a tooth/molar that’s bothering you, please do something about it. Face your fears of the dentist drills and long sharp needles before you develop more health complications later on.

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