Simple exercises to relief pain in the kidney area

Kidney, Pain or Injuries

If you feel pain and discomfort at the kidney region, first you must do is to go and get a blood and urine test. Make sure your kidney function is okay.

If nothing shows up in the tests, you may try some simple exercises- on the basis if the discomfort is resulted on some kind of chi/qi buildup in the area. I don’t get the pains often now but I do tend to get a bit of kidney discomfort if I were to oversleep.

First, go to toilet to relief yourself – and if you find getting the discomfort after drinking coke, coffee or tea, cut down as much as you can on those drinks.

Here are some effective exercises to relief the discomfort:

1. Using cane exercise– to rub and lightly knock against the lower back area. Alternatively you may use a gua sha board or a clay spoon to rub against the area.

2. The side movements (link to another website)- one of the wai tan kung routine. You start by first balancing and then slowly pointing your toes frontwards 3 times. Then move the leg sideways and just shake as shown in the picture in the website. This would disperse excessive qi that is gathered in the area.

3. After doing either 1 or 2 above, do some stretching, waist twisting and light little jumping on the spot.

Hope the method helps for you. Also avoid sitting down too long on the chair or lie too long in bed. At the office, get up to stretch on periodical basis and drink enough of warm water (no ice please as it would weaken the body system).

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