Exercises to help relief pain due to PMS

Exercising, Pain or Injuries

It is often that ladies suffer from PMS or pre menstrual symptoms during that time of the month or sometimes, few days prior to the menstration.

In a previous post, I’ve written on How to relieve PMS Syndrome for you to note on how to avoid certain type of food and doing the sun salutation sequence in yoga, another exercise that works wonders is jumping on the rebounder or trampoline.

For me, I usually do not have much of a PMS Syndrome but due to taking too much ‘cooling‘ food, I’ve developed quite painful cramps. What I did was to come back and did some bouncing off the trampoline or rebounder. Within 5 minutes, the pain totally went off. I went to have some warm water and felt better.

I sense it is due to meridian blockages- taking too much of ice, any kind of tea or too much of fruits, chilis, coffee can sometimes trigger cramps. Because when we jump on the trampoline or rebounder, unlike jumping on the floor, the pressure is not reabsorbed by the bone joints. The action of jumping without pressure helps to clear our channels, enabling fluid flows and better circulation. Whatever energy imbalances would be dispersed off- at least it does not stay localised in the womb area causing cramps and pains.

Somehow, I find the effect is not the same as jumping on the hard ground. However, if you don’t have a rebounder, gently do the sun salutation movements that is in yoga. Initially you may feel more discomfort but the pain should go off in about 5 to 10 minutes.

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