Take time to step on the bare earth to discharge excessive ions from your body

Complementary Healing

When was the last time you have gone barefooted and step on real soil of the earth?


On certain mornings when I am up very early, I will go outside my garden barefoot and just stand on the bare earth. I find the best time is during dawn, when it is still dark- the sun is just about to appear. I usually accompany this with a hand swinging exercise- I raise both my hands to my shoulders level and allow them to drop down to slightly behind my back. I repeat this exercise for 100 to 120 times. This advise came from my friend’s father who practices qi gong.

With this, I also try to breathe in deeply to inhale the fresh morning air. The best air quality that you probably hope for in the city is during dawn and/or right after the rain. 

And each time, there is a pleasant feeling of well-being- even on just 10 minutes of being barefoot on earth. There are times when I do not have enough sleep or wake up feeling sleepy (due to active dreams), I will go out and stand barefoot in my garden. After that, I’ve always feel more alert.

It’s probably due to the fact that excess electromagnetic energy that accumulates in your cells gets to be channeled down to earth (that’s how thunder will always travel down to earth via a conductor like a tree, car or a person). We accumulate these energy and excessive ions through using our handphones, typing on our PCs and being in contact with other electronic devices. If we wear rubber shoes or go on tile floors all the time, the body would not be able to discharge these unhealthy energies effectively.

If you do not have a garden, then you can go to a nearby park, take off your shoes and walk on the earth (make sure there are no sharp objects or animal litter).  It can potentially destress you after a hard day’s work too.

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