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I began a full-time job about two months ago, and since then I have had trouble with my leg. I’m not a diabetic as I know of. The problem is with my left leg in the upper part of my outer thigh ( the part above the knee and below the hips) I stand on my feet for eight hours a day, which may be a cause, I also am overweight, ( 5″5 , 200 lb.) I’ve had trouble with a little numbness in that area time to time, but it’s gotten worse. It started out staying numb to the touch, then had a itchy tingly kind of sensation in that part of my leg, but now has gone to it staying numb in that area, soreness to the touch like a bruise, and sometimes hurts when I walk, I’m scared maybe it could be a blood clot or fluid in my leg, could someone ofer me some advice please.It’s really bothering and , scaring me . I’m 32 years old.

My 2 cents:

Overweight may add on to the issue of standing, as when we stand, we may strain our underdeveloped muscles. Stretching sometimes can help.

But numbness may also be attributed to something else. The leg is the vehicle we use to move forwards towards something we want to do. If for some reason we do not want to move towards it, symptoms of pain and numbness may develop. The term “literally getting cold feet” may be similar.

Coupled with bruising and soreness, it is associated with feelings of hurt and anger. What’s the reason that we need to go back to work when previously we had not been working? Is it because someone who once was providing could no longer provide the fact, and we feel afraid to go back to face the working world and also a little resentful? It can be unnerving to go back to the working world when we have been out of touch with things.

Or could it be at work that we are made to do tasks that we detest, and/or have no confidence about? It could also be someone we are annoyed at work. When we are no sure of the direction we want to face or if the job is right for us or if we have made the right decision, we may stay frozen or feel frozen, and thus the body manifest in the form of numbness. If the numbness is reduced on off days but come back on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, then it could be work related that we have issues about.

If this is the case, one may not necessary need to quit the job- unless the condition at work is really bad. If we change the perspective of how we look at the job and at working life, the symptoms may be reduced substantially. I have a demanding day job too and even though I may not agreed with the management style, I have learned to turn my focus on my contribution towards making a difference for others who are there to earn a living.  Quiting and moving to another job is not the solution as every company ultimately is out to make a profit so we cannot agree with everything they do and it is not in our place anyway. If we are serving customers, then we focus on serving them, and even though customers may be ungrateful, we take it as a chance to built our patience and focus. After consistently doing that, our health symptoms may just go off mysteriously.


Above is an experience faced by someone which I would like to post it here- to hopefully help others who may be going through similar situation- unexplainable leg numbness.  I am not a qualified doctor and the advice below is to be read with discreation and an open mind- please consult the doctor for any medical related causes but if there’s medically nothing wrong, then perhaps you may want to explore the mind-body connection.

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