How personality traits can influence arthritis, severe joint stiffness and high uric acid.

Arthritis, Mind-Body Connection

As I have mentioned in my article, How your personality determines your state of health, personality plays a role in influencing why people get conditions like arthritis, severe joint stiffness and high uric acid. And once the person has it, it influences the severity of the condition.

This is going to be a 2 part article. The first part (this article), I will list down some of the possible character traits that a person having stiff/painful joints, arthritis and high uric acid. In the next article, I will write a long case study story of someone who I know personally suffer from this condition. And how by changing her life conditions, she was able to find a lot of relief to her severe condition.

If you are also suffering from the same conditions, check if you can see part of yourself in the story.  My apologies if the following does not apply… I try my best to offer drug and surgery free alternatives through my observation and research but it may not be applicable in all situations.

First, let me list down some of the possible character traits of a person who suffer from a lot of body pain, joint stiffness and high uric acid:

1. Inflexibility/ Stubborness

  • The movement in our joints represents the flexibility in our life. If we always have stiff joints, back, neck, knees, it denotes stiffness or stubbornness in character. Usually by ‘mellowing down’ and just let other be in charge, you will be surprised how gradually the joints would just become more pliable and mellow.

2. Strong character and strong will

  • While this trait can serve us well in dealing with challenging life situations, overcome hurdles and obstacles- it itself becomes a ‘curse’ when it is applied areas of life where it should not be applied to.
  • There are chance, we need to give other people a chance of take care of us instead of us having to worry and take care of everybody else. We may have worked hard our whole lives- probably as a woman who have to work hard labor, at the same time raise the family. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and avoid sticking our noses too much to our grown-up kids’ seemingly illogical and stupid decisions. Yes, they may be wrong, but in order for a person to learn in life, the way is not to keep protecting them and warning them of potential mistakes….believe me, when they stuck their hands to fire and get burnt, they will remember it for life- more than all the nagging that we give them

3. Difficulty in forgiving, accepting and letting go

  • Holistic healing often said that when toxins accumulate at the joints and it is not being removed effectively, the person suffers from joint pain, arthritis or high uric acid. Therefore the mode of treatment is to find ways to have these toxins removed.
  • We need to be open to the possibility that when the mind accumulates negative emotions such as anger (causing joint to be inflamed), hurt and carries the past hurt without letting them go, these energies may find their way in accumulating in our joints. Negative energies relating to past events that we cannot forgive and forget (sometimes the person we cannot forgive is ourselves), unresolved conflicts causes the tendency for toxic and painful conditions such uric acid to build up in our joints.

4. Over criticism of self, others, or a deep down feeling of being unloved and unworthy

  • A person who criticize others too much could have a deep seated dislike for ownself. Generally a person who criticizes a lot also will always feel the need to be perfect, and therefore he/ she will also tend to be strong willed in order to stick to self imposed principles.
  • It can be tough in living up to our own ideals. Sometimes, we need to examine why we tend to insist of having certain strong principles and always need to announce these ‘princples’ to the world. If the trait is a natural part of us, we need not keep telling it to others for our actions will tell people more than words.
  • Do we feel if we do that that others will love, accept and respect us more? And if we didn’t have these things that we thought and say we have, will it make others love the ‘real’ us less?
  • Over criticism of others imply an overcritical attitude of we have on our very own self. Most of us will not bother about it till all the self directed criticism (stem from a deep down feeling of being unloved) is causing us pain and stiffness.

The pain is a signal of a lesson that we need to learn. It’s not a curse. Once we are effectively dealing with our inner issues from the core, we will see a lot of relief in our pain.

Look out for my next article on a real life case study.

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