Is it worth spending money on treatment for male pattern baldness or hair loss?

Last Updated on August 8, 2017

We place a lot of importance on our hair. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness, obvious hair or receding headlines runs in some family or come after certain age. Sometimes the hair drops a lot during periods of stress or a certain events and eventually when the issue is resolved, the hair grows back. Anyone’s self confidence whose hair just continue to drop despite of changing hair care products, changing the diet will surely suffer a huge blow. The hair, after all is the crowning glory.

Treating hair loss and baldness, just like slimming centers is a very very profitable industry. Advertising will ride on the innermost issue that most people face- fear of rejection, unable to attract a partner, lost of self-confidence and decreasing feelings of self-worth. Therefore anyone who is having receding head line or balding will seriously consider spending thousands of dollars to seek for a solution.

 Hair treatment centers- are they effective?

Astro channel recently aired a program called “Result is All”. Basically, the program is sponsored by three companies- a leading hair baldness treatment center, a slimming center and a dermatologist center that treats skin conditions. In each episode, real life cases of clients who have undergone treatment for loss of hair, obesity or postpartum weight gain and skin conditions are featured. I must say that the creators behind the show is very creative in coming up with funny and coincidental situations which features testimonies from clients who have benefited from the treatment. With an injection of humor (not at a degrading way), with some offers thrown in along the way, I am sure huge masses of people will be flocking to these centers.

You can spend the money if you have it if you feel that it matters to you how your crowning glory looks. Sometimes these centers do have a number of interesting theories (such as dietary, lifestyle, existing health conditions) about what contributes to hair loss and plan their treatment based on these theories. For some people, these treatment works.

But if it does not work for you, don’t despair. 

Before you go into depression because you are conditioned by the media that you need a mat of thick hair in order for girls to like you and for you to happy, this is an article for you….from a woman’s point of view. I write it because while watching the show, I thought about a guy friend of mine….

A few years ago, this friend spent a substantial amount of his hard earned money to go to a well-known hair treatment center to seek for treatment for his thinning hair (he is very young but his hair is thinning out). He is left with thousands of dollars poorer and no noticeable improvement. His already low self confidence took a nosedive.

First thing first, there are things in life that is much more important that the number of dead cells in the form of hair follicles growing out of your head…

Self-confidence and sense of humor is very important

A lot of guys tend to assume that the reason why women do not notice them is because of the cursed male pattern baldness or the receding headline.

It’s NOT because of that.

It’s an obvious lack of self-confidence and loneliness that shines from the eyes that will put off any self assured woman. I believe most people on this earth do suffer from some kind of lack of self confidence. Unfortunately, having uncontrollable hair loss could have largely contribute to a loss of self-confidence, assurance and even self-respect.

A woman can pick up on a guy’s self confidence level subconsciously by looking in the eyes, tone of voice and posture. Regardless of how you look, if you move about being unsure of yourself, speak in low tone as if afraid to say the wrong thing/something stuck in your throat and do not dare to make much eye contact, it will be obvious that you suffer from low self-esteem. You can be good looking and have a mat of thick luscious hair on your head- but it does not matter if you don’t act as if you have confident in yourself.  She will still like and accept you….but as a dear friend.

In the case of my friend, he is kind but timid, and constantly trying too hard to please everyone. He always said things that he thought we wanted to hear. And when his boss take advantage by making him work harder, he usually say yes (which will not attract a woman because she will consciously look for someone who can protect her and make her feel safe. As such, women in his life tend to consider him as a ‘dear friend’ and nothing more).

Whereas a person who walk with sense of ease, have a great sense of humor, look (that’s different from glaring or staring) at a person with friendly eyes, speaks clearly will be someone that any person wants to be around.

Learning from famous people

Take a look at famous people like Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton (of Batman). Despite their obvious receding hairlines, many women around the world are crazy about them even till this day. No one cares about the hairline or the thinning hair. Why?

Because Tom Hanks has a great sense of humor, is entertaining and at the same time is able to look at life deeply. He can look silly and poke jokes at himself but at the same time can be serious and talk with EQ when the occassion calls for it. While Michael Keaton always appear very self-assured, fully confident and sure of what he wants. Both of them have enigmatic eyes that poccess the intensity that could look at you as if they are looking (and knowing) the depths of your soul.

What is inside you that truly matters

Self confidence, humor, positive outlook in life are some of the things that  attracts people to us especially the opposite sex. At least the kind that you want to spend the rest of your life with (I am assuming that you are not interested in gold diggers or those who are trying to get something out of your position, wealth or talent.)

It’s the sense of humor, and sense of confidence that shows itself consciously and subconsciously in the way you carry yourself and your body language. Yes, people you meet tend to make assumptions and judgments based on past experiences. But these judgments would be consciously and constantly being overruled once they realize that their initial assumptions are flawed.

Just like any skills, it can be acquired. You may not be born as a charmer, or the circumstances in your life may not favor or nurture the development of those qualities. Reading self help books, engaging a good life or motivational coach (instead of more hair growth treatments) will be better investments you can make to achieve the things you wish for in life.

Note: Factors that I notice contribute to hair loss in some of my male friends:

  • Coloring hair too often
  • Usage of too much of hair gel
  • Excessive stress, irregular sleeping patterns
  • Certain hair products- including hair tonics may actually irritate the skin causing hair loss

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