Opening Your Heart Program by Dr Dean Ornish

Last Updated on July 29, 2021

This is based on previous articles:

Reversing heart disease- through lifestyle changes (scientifically proven) & Why do we feel isolated and lonely.

Before undergoing any program, it is important to consult your doctor. Especially if it is pertaining to heart conditions, you cannot just jump into such program and denying any forms of treatment or medication.

Still, the reason I want to write about Dr Dean’s work is because when I previously tried to goggle about his work (before I managed to get the book), I find that most websites are only promoting the book. If the extend of his work is known, it will really benefit countless of people, especially so many people are suffering from heart disease and even more are walking time bombs.

Here are the outline of his program (which is covered in detail in the thick book):

  1. Techniques for increasing intimacy and managing stress more effectively
  2. A diet very low in fat and cholesterol
  3. A system to help you stop smoking and to let go of other addictions
  4. A program of moderate exercise

Stress Management techniques

Participants would be asked to do the following:

  • 20 minutes for a series of 12 stretches
  • 15 minutes of progressive relaxation technique (taught in the book)
  • 5 minutes of three breathing techniques
  • 15 minutes for meditation
  • 5 minutes for directed or receptive imagery

Even if you do not have obvious health ailments, you can benefit from the program. Here are the contact information that I obtain from the back cover of the book:

The Preventive Medicine Research Institute (PMRI) is a non-profit, tax-exempt public foundation. PMRI, Dr Ornish, and his colleagues offer a variety of resources and educational opportunities.

Please call 1-800-775- PMPI (7674) (if you are within US) if you want to be put on Dr Ornish’s mailing list for free information on his program, research, and related activities, including hospital programs, foods, and residential retreats.

Dr. Ornish is interested in learning of your experiences with this program and welcomes any comments and suggestions. Due to the volume of correspondence, he sincerely regrets not being able to reply personally. Please write:

Dean Ornish, M.D

Preventive Medicine Research Institute

900 Bridgeway, Suite One

Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

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