Exercising outdoors vs in the gym

Last Updated on July 28, 2017

When selecting the place to exercise, which is better:  To exercise in the outdoors/park or in the gym?

There are advantages and disadvantages of each depending on your personality type.

As part of gym membership, you would usually are entitled for some free classes. For those who enjoy socialising plus the beat and being pushed to exercise, group classes help one to stay in shape and stay motivated. And the air-conditioned premise is available day and night, rain or shine.

Whereas long time folks who loved exercising outdoors may enjoy exercising alone. Some family or couples also schedule exercising in the park as part of their activities together. Sometimes, you would see those who are very fit doing their runs listening to music.

In one of my previous companies years ago, we used to have an exercise outing in the park every Tuesday and Thursday. At about 6pm, we would change to our own workout clothes and then proceed to the park located not far from the office for about 30 to 45 minutes of brisk walking. Whoever who had finished first would wait and then we all walk back to office together. Sometimes we stay back in office to continue working and sometimes we go back straight away.

Regardless, those extra time devoted to exercise had helped in managing our stress, as well as burning off that big lunch. After each walk, we would feel more relaxed and the problem that was troubling us would get less.

Exercising outdoor is a great activity especially if it is something that you plan as a group together. It is not always that many people can afford the additional commitment of a gym- furthermore, there is no point of paying if you cannot commit to going there few times a week.

Even though I have an active gym membership, I still go for outdoor exercising once a week for variety, and because I love nature and as my way of keeping my workouts more varied and interesting. But gym memberships are useful during raining sessions where outdoor exercising is not feasible.

However, I would tend to burn more calories from the gym than outdoors. This is because I would usually set a target to burn a certain amount of calories and then would work towards achieving my goal before I leave. Whereas in the park I tend to take things easy and enjoy the scenery. I’m very unlike those self motivated regulars (whom I really admired) who would run and run endless rounds.  But such sessions relaxes my mind and keeps me motivated on exercising.

We need to find our own ways to keep ourselves motivated to exercise. For me, variety helps. I’ve always prefer to exercise by myself, using the time for quiet reflection. I’ve find that through varying workout pace and changing the venue (in the gym/ outdoors) – it has helped me to keep myself motivated.

And once you each the stage where you see results: weight loss, feeling stronger and fitter, health benefits, less sinus, not so tired…. the results would be your constant motivator.

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