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Last Updated on July 31, 2021

Early bedtime, early rise. I slept early yesterday and got up about 5.30am today feeling fresh. I wanted to read more on Chi Dynamics and when I googled under “chi dynamics”, I came across a blog started by a Malaysian who was fighting against cancer.

His name was Foo Hee Boon. He was diagnosed with end stage (stage IV) lung cancer in March 2005. He started a blog to document his journey with battling cancer. Sadly, he lost the battle on 4 August 2006. His blog url is http://fhbadventure.blogspot.com/.

However, if you read the blog via the Archives- from start to finish, you will read the amazing journey of a kind hearted person who attempts to battle and fight the disease. He shared so many insights and on treatments (conventional and alternative) that he had undergone. The pain, hope, gratitude, compassion pouring out of his posts are so touching. As so with a person who is diagnosed with any critical illnesses, there will be many people coming to offer alternative therapy.

I am truly touched by his blog.

Update@ Night of 21 June 08
I spent about 9 hours reading EVERY post that he had posted. From the start to the end- it’s like reading a courageous story- you already know the ending, but his journey and the trials and tribulations that he had so freely shared.

Read about his views (written 4 months prior to his passing) on the methods he had tried and the effectiveness:


Look for topics in the April 06 Archive on the summary of MEDICATION, FOOD THERAPY & OTHER THERAPIES.
My mom had actually gone to the same workshop by Master Anthony Wee of Chi Dynamics that he had attended on 3 Jul 05 (posted in his blog on 10 Jul 05). He was the 3rd case study in the seminar that day (that time I was not even interested in health). My mom still remembered a brave, very young, thin guy with no hair who came up and told his story ūüôĀ


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