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From Hee Boon’s blog, I discovered another site which discusses in detail about dubious alternative treatments to cancer. The post A Special Message to Cancer Patients Seeking “Alternative” Treatments makes an interesting read.

The site is operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D who aims to expose various frauds and quacks started by people with so-called cures. It’s true, there are many treatments out there that claimed to be able to cure cancer- and after the patient spends lots of money, eventually died from failure to seek conventional treatment. The site documents findings from verified sources on various alternative cancer treatments and how it had been proven not to work such as:

  • Vitamin C by Linus Pauling– Despite saying that taking mega doses (way exceeding the recommended dietary intake) will help fight cancer, both Pauling and his wife eventually died from cancer
  • Macrobiotic diet– Special diet consisting of lots of bean products, the founder’s wife eventually died of bone cancer

If you suffer from cancer and are considering alternative treatments, read the findings above before making your decision.

Having said that, I still believe that variouscomplimentary healing, that does not interfere with conventional treatment will help in the journey to battle/prevent cancer such as:

  • qi gong & energy healing
  • adequent exercise for improved blood circulation and a boost in immune system
  • change in diet (not necessary vegetarian or organic) but a well balanced diet
  • most important of all, a positive attitude and attempt to remove other stressors in life forgive past hurts and settle whatever that has been bothering you

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