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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Yesterday, I wore a pair of jeans that was 2 inches smaller. And it fitted- comfortably.
I had actually brought the jeans about at least 3 years ago- and even then, it was a bit tight. Actually I had bought it as a motivation to drop a little weight but I could hardly remember ever being able to wear it comfortably. And after I started gaining some weight, even the butt, thighs and waist area was so tight that I left the jeans mostly in the cupboard.

In terms of weight, I only dropped about 1.5 to 2kg but my colleagues told me my clothes fit much better and they really notice the change (these are good pals coz they also tell me when I gained weight). So it’s true, if you workout, you will look firmer at the same weight compared to if you do not work out.

My stamina has also increased. Previously at the treadmill, I started with the speed of 5.6, then move to 6.4. At jogging speed, on good days, I could maintain 7.3 for about 10 minutes at most. Since I cut down sugar and do a bit of resistance training, a ‘good day’ jog is 8.5 with an incline of 0.5. If not, normal is from 8.2. I can maintain that speed for about 10 to 12 min.

My favourite machine is still the stepper. Experts would say that it looks pathetic to slouch over at the machine and support your body weight with your arms. Also it is detrimental to your posture and could result in wrist injury. Well, initially I place a lot of my body weight on my arms and find that actually it did firm up my arms an itzy bit ūüôā But nowadays, I place most of the weight on my legs and use my arms to help out when my legs are tired. I sweat the most using this machine, more than the treadmill. Initially when I started, my legs screamed at effort 4 but now I can maintain at 7.

That’s why it is so important to eat right and add a bit of resistance/ weight training. Also after an intensive workout, eat some ‘good carbs‘ and protein for the muscles to rebuilt themselves. And don’t over exercise- because it will cause injuries and insufficient time for muscle to repair themselves.

When you are trying go get more fit or lose weight, don’t compare yourselves with others. Go at your own pace- gradually, your stamina level will go up. The inner motivation has to come from within you, because you want to care for your body. Not because you want to win.

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