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Last Updated on August 19, 2020

In the net, there are lots of resources with recipes. If you run dry of ideas, you can google for various sites in recipes.
Yes, I am starting to get interested in cooking again (last interest faded when I was 10 coz my family found my cooking so atrocious). But the most effective may to maintain the way of life is to learn to cook ze’ food myself.
Will try to compile more sites as I go along coz it is the lifestyle I want to stick for life:
1. Low Carb Cafe
2. Simple Low Carb Recipies

Btw, carbs are also important for your health. Do not totally abstain from it – don’t take it from starch, rice and wheat but try taking from fruit sources. Fruits contain lots of fibre and nutrient. Also, if you take fruits, sugar absorption is slower. But you may want to choose fruits that are low in the glycemic index, ie slow releasing sugar. Watermelon for instance is high the glycemic index.

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