A New Self Project- incorporate more core exercises

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

I enjoy coming up with mini projects to test out theories I have about exercise and food intake. Next month, I will be taking a break, leaving for 16 days to another country- whereby it will involve both physical and mental exertion. Will be meeting up with a dear friend and mentor, doing lots of travelling (aka budget style) and visiting the mountains.

Previously, I have done a number of travelling to overseas, sometimes alone (places that I go to don’t really interest my friends) and was not able to fully enjoy the trips because I did not have enough stamina and the high GI food that I am accustomed to made me feel lethargic. I often get travelling sickness due to a weak stomach. After I joined the gym, I did some improvements, started exercising and eating well (reducing from high processed sugar and starch food) at least about a month leading on to the trip and true to my theory, I enjoyed subsequent trips better. The better I ate –> the more I could work out–> the fitter I got–> the better I feel and less travelling sickness or tummy discomfort.

Here’s my strategy that I plan to try out:

  • increase my cardio sessions to built better cardiovascular strength and endurance. I have previously cut down my cardio to about 30 to 40 min per session but really putting more intensity and effort in every session. Will increase to about 40 to 60min with the same intensity gradually. Else, I will increase the frequency that I visit the gym.
  • increase strength training sessions from twice a week to 3 times a week- need a stronger arms and shoulders to carry stuff.
  • work on developing a stronger core and more flexibility via yoga based exercises or using the Swiss ball. At home, I have been practicing ball exercises on my own during my free time, involving dancing, and deep stretches. Yesterday, I tried doing a partial head stand by having my head on the floor, supported by my forearms and the back partially supported by the ball- then I tried to straighten my body vertically-it’s not perfect but I am sure it will improve with practice
  • take care of food intake- eating more of food in their natural form-vegetables and fruits to improve the digestive system (to avoid tummy troubles and travelling sickness). I always believe the digestive system is the key to the body’s well being.
  • I have already frozen my gym membership for next month- so days leading on my trip in March, I will focus on more core exercises.

I cannot stop emphasizing how useful core exercises are because focusing on core had increased my exercise capacity, strength, balance, coordination and decrease injury.

Exercising is not only about the gym. It’s about the benefits that you derive from workout that flowover into the rest of your life, where you spent majority of your time in. It’s about better quality of life.

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