Real Success Story- Brandon Walford

Losing Weight

I recently read in Men’s Health magazine (actually the mag got surprising lots of useful tips) about Brandon Walford who had managed to reduce his weight from 374 pounds to 192 pounds.

What made him change
He was always overweight from young. The turning point came when he went for checkup and the doctor told him with his high colestrol (300) and blood pressure, he would probably need to go for gastric bypass (cut out a part of your stomach so that it can no longer handle large portion of food).
He declined the suggestion and decided it was time to lose weight.

Eliminated bread and deep fried foods.
Walked 2hrs on treadmill everyday.

Lifestyle Change

  • He now walks 5 miles a day
  • Drink lots of water
  • Typical meal: breakfast consists of oatmeals; Lunch- salad; Dinner-baked chicken.
  • It’s all about balance- if he happened to eat a big lunch, he will have a small dinner.


  • He can enjoy things/ activities that he loves.
  • No more blood pressure and colestrol medications.

Tips from him

  • Lift weights as you lose. Even if you lift light weights, it helps to tighen your skin.
  • Food is an addiction. You need to identify and resist the triggers
  • Set small goals. Try to drop bit numbers is impossible at first.
  • Discover new cuisines.

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