will power

Breaking a bad habit

woman smoking overeating 150x150 - Breaking a bad habit

Have you ever tried to pull out overgrown weeds from your garden? You would find that it is no an easy task especially if you have neglected to upkeep your garden for months. It’s the same with a bad habit. Like weeds: 1. Bad habits do not form overnight- it takes time. Started as a mere [...]

Life is Short- Does that mean we eat what we want?

bear meat food 150x150 - Life is Short- Does that mean we eat what we want?

I was having lunch with my colleague a few days ago and as we were walking back to the office, he told me he had suddenly craved for Burger King the evening before. So he stopped at Burger King and enjoyed a nice burger. So me being me, I was just about to venture into [...]

It’s all about willpower & discipline

stress panic time 150x150 - It's all about willpower & discipline

Almost everyone I know have to deal with problems of maintaining their ideal weight or more so, to lose some of them. An friend of mine is a mother to 3 boys and one girl. Yet maintained a very good shape. What she did after her confinement: morning eat oatmeals or something that is high [...]