It’s all about willpower & discipline

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Almost everyone I know have to deal with problems of maintaining their ideal weight or more so, to lose some of them.

An friend of mine is a mother to 3 boys and one girl. Yet maintained a very good shape. What she did after her confinement:

  • morning eat oatmeals or something that is high in fibre.
  • lunch- bee hoon soup. Yes, bee hoon soup for 3 months. No yellow mee, kuay teow or others coz they are fattening.
  • dinner- soup with a bit of vege or dish. Strictly no rice.
  • do Power Yoga exercises 3 times a week.

With that, she lost 25 kgs in 3months. She told me that it involves lots of discipline, will power and determination.

But for me, discipline in terms of what I want to eat is something I am really lacking. Of course, that was until I found out that my diet actually feed my fatigue and mood changes. That gives me a strong determination to change.

For those out there who have strong cravings and weak willpower, find a good reason to change. So far I have not seen anyone who overates dramatically are genuinely happy. There may be some psychological trigger such as a constant void or feeling of unhappiness that motivates one to overeat. These issues would require deeper rework.

Meanwhile, we have to address the biology trigger because overating IS also caused by WHAT we put into our mouths. We are basically having more food cravings and hunger pangs because we are taking too much of processed carbs and refined sugar. To try, you can consciously cut down those and you will see the difference.

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