Chronic fatigue syndrome healed by Ayurveda and forgiveness

woman free 300x169 - Chronic fatigue syndrome healed by Ayurveda and forgiveness

There is often no known causes of chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS. Often the patient would be exhausted with joint and muscular pain. And there is no magic pill that magically cure this condition. At most, medication can only be prescribed to manage the symptoms such as painkillers and muscle relaxants for pain and stiffness. I have long suspected that the underlying causes for some cases could stem from a deep unresolved emotional issue that eventually resulted in the person being unable to function as a normal active individual would.

Why you should not be afraid to eat alone (personal experience)

Nothing wrong with eating alone

I am aware that a number of people are afraid to be seen eating or dining alone in public. We are afraid of looking pathetic, alone and does not have any friends that we have to resort to eating alone. That is most of us would rather pack the food to eat in a secluded [...]

Cancer and Capricorn’s Intense but Explosive Relationship combination

healthblog 300x169 - Cancer and Capricorn's Intense but Explosive Relationship combination

Yes, this is a subject on Astrology on a health blog. Why I decided to write about this is because I have seen many relationships get wrecked and breakups occur because of misunderstanding. Breakup causes a lot of emotional trauma – an unhealed heartache would easily manifest into mental and physical issues.  The date of birth [...]