Cancer and Capricorn’s Intense but Explosive Relationship combination

Last Updated on August 22, 2020

Yes, this is a subject on Astrology on a health blog. Why I decided to write about this is because I have seen many relationships get wrecked and breakups occur because of misunderstanding. Breakup causes a lot of emotional trauma – an unhealed heartache would easily manifest into mental and physical issues.  The date of birth with the starsign may have certain influences on a person’s characteristics.

Opposites always attract. We tend to get attracted to someone who is totally opposite instead of compatible in characteristics. A classic example is Cancer and Capricorn.

Disclaimer: Below is my personal observation but it may not apply to everyone. The point is to understand that each one of us is unique. We tend to interpret the action of another in our own terms based on our own characteristics but failed to understand that others may operate differently from us…..especially someone who we are attracted to. I have seen a few Cancer and Capricorn combinations …..the love is intense but can be explosive because of opposite in personality traits.

Cancer lady and Capricorn man

A Cancerian woman when loves, tend to love deeply. She also need a lot of romance, warmth and assurance. However, my observation is that sometimes they tend to be afraid of getting hurt so it may result that they hold back certain things. They don’t tell but keep in their hearts. The more a person loves, naturally the person would feel more vulnerable and insecure…. so she may also feel jealous or misunderstand that her partner is not loyal to her or love her enough.

Now a Capricorn person on the other hand is the complete opposite. The dominant ones would be very focused in their career. When they are in love they can be quite intense but once the relationship is declared, they would turn their attention and focus on their work or hobbies. Ultimately it is likely he is working for a better family life.

In the course of their work and social interactions, they can be friendly with ladies but does not mean that they are having the rowing eye. But a Cancer lady may misunderstand because deep down she is not a person who is generous with display of affections so she may assume that if her partner is friendly or concerned about another lady it means he may be attracted to her.

Sometimes the Capricorn guy may forget like important dates (like birthday or anniversary) and often failed to pick up subtle cues or hints dropped by his partner. With a Capricorn person, just be direct and tell…..’tomorrow is our anniversary, you will not forget to take me out for dinner rite?’. Don’t expect him to pick up on hints because his mind may be too preoccupied with problems at work to remember.

A Capricorn guy have been working late each night explained to his Cancerian wife about his career aspirations and the aim for that promotion so that they could have an easier live.  When she says she understand and will be supportive, he really takes it literally. At first she is okay but after  sometime of missed dinners, late nights and unanswered calls, it became not okay.  She  started to feel quite neglected – at first she kept it in her heart but after she cannot take it anymore. So one night she shows a sour face ….he asked her what’s wrong and she said nothing. But she withhold affection because of inner anger. The Capricorn guy would take what you say….if you say it is nothing he will think it is nothing (or maybe he figured it is the time of the month).

Therefore, the Capricorn guy need to remember that he cannot neglect his Cancer partner. Must remember to show display of affections and spend time together. Be honest and if you have a very good lady best friend….well she better not be single. Being in love and if you are her ‘chosen one’ will tend to make her feel very vulnerable and scared so she can get very insecure and unsure of herself especially if you are a free spirit, friendly and sociable extrovert. Return calls as soon as you can or at least drop a message to explain why you could not answer the call.

A Cancerian lady should not be too suspicious or be too quick to jump to conclusion. You have chosen a person whose character is very different from you. Perhaps it is the yin yang thingy and the opposites complete one another. You are very home and relationship orientated while he may want to excel in career, hobby or his ambition.

And one important thing, never ever use what he told you in trust against him because that will make him feel very betrayed. Tell him nicely what you feel …..don’t play games because a Capricorn man does not like games and dramas.  They do not like to feel trapped or cornered (most guys feel that way too). Too much of this and you may drive him away.

Cancer Guy and Capricorn Lady

If the guy is a Cancerian and the lady a Capricorn, then it is also similar.  A Cancerian guy would do his best to conceal his vulnerability. Cancerians if they fall in love they always fall very deeply. In the beginning the relationship can be very intense because the spark brought about by total opposites.

A Capricorn lady like a Capricorn guy can also be very focused in her career, hobbies, en devours. She may be very focused in what she is passionate about or her goals and ambitions. It does not mean that she is not in love just that she may tend to believe that love is great but it does not put food on the table. Or she feels in order to make her life complete she also wants to focus into her hobby. Due to her level of self confidence and the courage to approach people, she may be seen as overly friendly. Many people can be friendly with the opposite sex but it does not mean they are attracted to that person.

Regardless of gender, when facing a heartbreak, a Capricorn person may take it badly at first but as intense as the anger/sadness, it does not take long to go away. The person can move on but for a Cancerian it is totally opposite because they love so deeply and completely.



I actually started developing interest in astrology in my early teens after observing that people of certain star signs display certain similar characteristics. After reading a few books and finding that the explanations are inconsistent, I started with my own observations. It is quite sad to see a loving relationship ruined or turned toxic because of misunderstanding. Personally I sometimes use Astrology to explain about character differences to friends who are experiencing some conflict in their relationship. The Cancer Capricorn combination is surprisingly common because they are really opposite.

Since there are many issues that stems from heartbreak …..perhaps offering some observation may help one to understand the difference that there are others who really operate from a different paradigm.

The above is based on my own observation. I apologise if the above is not applicable to you.



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