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Last Updated on April 29, 2023

Before you opt for plastic surgery because you are not happy with what you are born with, I wish to urge you to consider some important factors. But before we go on, I wish to state that we are NOT covering the context of unfortunate victims who had to go for plastic surgery because their face and/or body had been disfigured due to accident, malicious attacks, and physical trauma.

This article is meant for someone who is born with ‘normal’ facial features all intact but is considering plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Can Remove Your Face Fortune

Usually when someone go for plastic surgery, it is usually to:

  • make their nose smaller
  • make their cheekbones higher
  • make prominient chin smaller
  • for those with big face, to make it smaller and more ‘pronounced’

In Chinese face reading feng shui, all the above are considered less favourable. You may have features that may not be conventionally attractive but indicates that you would not have a hard life. And really, if what you have is not good enough for someone, that person is really not good enough for you.

Let me provide some examples:

The late Michael Jackson

The young Michael Jackson had a good fortune face. Big nose, thick lips and with well balanced facial features. Even before he was a teenager, he had a lot of success and the world absolutely adored him.

Michael Jackson (1977). Source: Creative Commons

Over the years, he got addicted to modifying the entire way he looked. He was addicted to plastic surgery and even changed his skin colour. In the end, he ended up with a face that depletes him of good fortune:

Michael Jackson (2003). Source: Creative Commons

The thin bony nose with high cheekbones show is usually what we would see in faces of people with hard life who often turn to crimes to make ends meet. We can also see that towards the later part of his life, it was filled with controversies, lawsuits, bad financial decisions and a decline in fame.

Jackie Chan

The famous Hong Kong and now Hollywood actor Jackie Chan has a very prominient nose. His nose does not make him conventionally handsome but gives him enormous good fortune and fame. My late dad who worked in the press had commented that Jackie Chan has a very good nose which would bring him good luck and wealth.

Jackie chan

Of course, things do not just fall on his lap. He has been known to work VERY HARD to make it to who he is today. He did his own stunts, often trying out dangerous manevours that previously no one had did before just to make a good movie.

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can see from his younger and more recent photos, his face features looked the same, in fact he did not even bothered to have botox for the wrinkles around his eyes and face. Wrinkles are like trophies of life experiences we have so why do we need to get rid of them? Furthermore, botox injections seriously make one’s face looked unnatural and dare I say, sometimes constipated.

Today, Asians aspire to follow the South Korean look… like their favourite stars. To be honest, when I first watched Korean shows, I was frankly surprised at the features that I saw many South Korean actors and actresses had- high cheekbones, face without much flesh and small nose. It actually indicate unfavourable face fortune …. that means that even if one acquire wealth and fame, one would not be able to keep it for long. And if you see the quick rise and fall of Korean stars, it seemed that way.

How about the reverse? Ie adding face fortune via plastic surgery?

You may think that plastic surgery can afffect one’s fortune, then how about using plastic surgery to enhance one’s face fortune.

Strangely enough, I have observed that it may not really work that way…. unless we are born with it. Even in feng shui, there are talks about enhancing one’s fortune via buying certain items and positioning of certain items. But even feng shui masters would say, one gotta have it in one’s baizi before it could be brought to fruition into one’s life.

The same like the practice some people do- whereby they would remove certain moles that is said to bring bad luck or sad life. For example, moles located below the eyes are said to make the owner cry in life. What I observed is even after these moles are removed, it is still the same.

One’s life is usually expected to go through a certain fixed trajectory, unless we take conscious action to change the course of our lives. But that would feel like going against the stream and it is often tough to do.

My mom have a beautiful face but a hard hard life

When my mom was young, she did not look attractive. However, the moment she entered into nursing school, her beauty started blossoming…. like an ugly duckling turned into a swan. Probably because she grew up in poverty and constantly did not have enough to eat that she was thin and her face features did not show. But in nursing school, the hostel provided food and she really helped herself. As she put on a more weight (not fat as she had super high metabolism), she really became beautiful and attractive.

She had the face feature that many insecure ladies would go under the knife for…. big eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and even two sexy moles located below her lips. Guys started tripping over themselves to court and chase her. Every old lady with a son would want my mom as a daughter in law because my mom was someone beautiful, educated and was a nurse who was considered a noble profession.

Despite that, my mom had a very hard life. Of the many suitors she had, she chosen to marry my dad because he was the only one who could stay with the servant lady who had adopted by mom when she was a baby. During that time, it was unheard of that a man would stay with the family of his wife. Often the woman was expected to move in to stay and serve her in-laws.

Her life had been nothing but work, work, and more work. She had to get up early to cook for us, then make the long commute to work using 2 buses, go to the market after work carrying kilos of grocery on each hand, come back with housework like laundry, cooking and cleaning waiting for her.

After decades of working when she could finally retire, she found herself diagnosed with tonsil cancer. She went for treatment had lived with the horrid permanent side effects. Now, she has Alzheimers and is on tube feeding.

In the past, my mom had always told me that it is not a blessing to be born beautiful. She came from the perspective of someone who has it. She always told me that beauty would fade and in the end, the most important is who we are on the inside. It is the inner beauty that mattered for outer beauty fades with time.

It was her had life that pushed her to do spiritual practice to seek refuge from the hardships she went through. As the result of her practice, it protected her from a lot of dangers and gave her a lot of inner peace. Even though she has Alzheimer’s now, those who see her would say she looked so contented. Doctors and nurses loved her.

Plastic Surgery would not solve our inner insecurities 

Granted, plastic surgery may make us more attractive to others. But this only last for a short time. After the initial physical attraction fizzle off, other factors such as our inner traits and character becomes the binding factor that holds the relationship together. If we are a monster to live with, then hardly anyone would be able to tolerate us.

At the same time, we also need to consider carefully the kind of people that we are letting into our personal life. If people hangout with us simply because we are ‘cool’ or someone is with us because they are attracted to us physically, these are not worthwhile to have in the long term. Because the moment we are indisposed (for example having a long chronic illness) or our looks fade, these people would desert us and leave us to fend for ourselves.

Trust me, I’ve read enough in private support groups whereby a number of those got dumped by their partner and ghosted by their so called friends the moment they got diagnosed with a long term illness that required care. It is the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching thing to happen because they have invested so much of time, money and energy in these relationships only to realize it had been all a complete waste of time.

When I was younger, I too felt very insecure about how I looked and had a lot of self loathing. I also tried to become someone I am not. Until one day I just decided to the heck with it all and just be myself. I can tell you, the feeling that people who genuinely like and accept you for who you are, which had nothing to do with your wealth, outer appearance and popularity…. that feeling is priceless. Like my mom had always told me, in life, we do not need a lot of friends. Just a handful of true friends is enough.

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