Spot Reduction- does it work?

sport situp exercise 150x150 - Spot Reduction- does it work?

Spot reduction- targeting workout in order to lose fat on a specific part of the body. For instance, people will do a zillion sit ups in order to reduce the tummy. Or a thousand push ups for a firmer arms in order to fit into that evening sleeveless dress only to find that your abdomen [...]

Videos on Health & Fitness

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Last Update: Sunday, 2 December 07 From Videojug How to Perform a Tricepts Workout Without Weights Pilates to tone your arms Pilates: How to Achieve Great Abdominals 5 Invigorating Exercises Using Balance Ball Pilates- how to prevent & relieve lower backache Videojug also contains videos in other health & exercise categories. From YouTube Hatha Yoga [...]

How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat

belly stomach 150x150 - How to Get Rid of Tummy Fat

Some experts said that there are no such thing as spot reduction- that even though you do a zillion sit ups, you will not get a flat stomach. I have seen results in friends that contradict that claim. A colleague of mine, well, I must say he is a bit fanatic (and he knows it)- [...]