What to do when diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer

woman pray 300x200 - What to do when diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer

My friend shared with me about a real case of a male colleague of hers who have been recently diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer’s (stage 2) at the age of 41 years old. I was intrigued with the case and wanted to put my understanding into test. So I told her that I don’t [...]

Emotional causes of Alzheimer’s | Dementia- my mom’s story

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Alzheimher’s has the unique distinction of being the only disease that makes you say goodbye twice. First you say goodbye to the person you love, then you say goodbye to a stranger. -Brains McGee in a YouTube comment of a video Recently I am seeing a consistent pattern in a few people with Alzheimer’s disease [...]

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

Alzheimer symptoms start many years before it actually manifest

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer’s in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very wrong years and even decades before their official diagnosis.  If you suspect that your forgetfulness is very unusual, it helps to do more research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and keep informed of the [...]