Should Alzheimer’s patient start medication?

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This post is written from personal experience as my mom has been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s- mid stage. Usually your geriatrician or neurologist would recommend starting the patient on medication in hope of delaying the deterioration of brain function due to Alzheimer’s. Update July 2021: There have been a lot of changes after this article [...]

What to do when diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer

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Alzheimer’s or dementia generally occurs in seniors of 65 years and above. But there is a trend that shows that parts of the brain cells are breaking down in an earlier age. In my observation, there is a pattern between people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s with a certain way of coping with trauma. If these issues are being addressed, it may help slow or stop the progress of Alzheimer’s.

Emotional causes of Alzheimer’s | Dementia- my mom’s story

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My mom is a truly wonderful woman, even with Alzheimer’s. It is sad that the coping and defense mechanism that she had developed against the hurt, rejection and abuse had set in place rigidity of patterns in thinking that made her ultimately developed this condition.

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

Alzheimer symptoms start many years before it actually manifest

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer’s in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very wrong years and even decades before their official diagnosis.  If you suspect that your forgetfulness is very unusual, it helps to do more research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and keep informed of the latest developments in battling the illness.