Main Causes of Cancer according to Anne Jones (healer)

Last Updated on April 1, 2021

There are books that are written by healers that I find to be inspirational and would assist someone in the healing process. One such book is Heal Yourself written by Anne Jones who is a healer.

In her book Heal Yourself, Anne Jones mentioned that there are 4 main causes of cancer:

  1. Toxicity
  2. Stress
  3. Nutritional deficiencies
  4. Radiation

1. Toxicity

Anne mentioned that we have been exposed to toxicity from the water we drink and the pesticides/ unnatural additives in our food. Aside from that, we also sabotage ourselves through bad dietary choices- taking excessive alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

She advised us to perform detox regularly to give the body a chance to get back to balance….do it even if it is only twice a month. Also avoid caffeine, red meat and diary products. There are also toxins that we introduced to our system through sprays, anti antiperspirants and lotions. As much as possible, she advise to stick to natural ingredients.

2. Stress

Our energy becomes lowered and our immune system gets depleted through constant anxiety, fear and worry.  It would be good if we learn to manage our stress and take time for meditation, massages and quiet reflection. She also have a section in her book to help manage stress as well various ways of dealing with negative emotions.

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3. Nutritional deficiencies

She said that vegetables that we are eating had lost a lot of the vital vitamins since they are mass produced, try to get a good supplement to cover the missing nutrients from our food.

4. Radiation

The air around, according to her is filled with microwaves and electromagnetic pollution. She suggested ways to avoid these hidden dangers by turning off TV (don’t even leave it on standby), don’t have a clock radio by your bed and avoid unnecessary XRay. Also don’t stay near an electric pylon or substation.

You may buy the book from a bookstore or online via Amazon. Personally,  I also believe that there are kammic causes to cancer after witnessing many of such cases. However, guidelines provided by Anne Jones are preventable measures we can take.

Her book also talk about mind-body connection, ie how our emotions can manifest into illness. Of course, this is not 100% of the case but sometimes an ailment or illness can point to something that we have to work out or resolve. While sometimes we cannot consciously control the illness that befall us, we can control how we react to the illness. Let the doctor or oncologist heal our physical body while we work on healing our emotion and mind.

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