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Today, I read a very motivational real life story in the Runner’s World (Nov07) magazine. It’s about a news anchorwoman from Orlando by the name of Wendy Chioji. Wendy initially felt a lump on her left breast 2 weeks before she was about to compete for the 2001 Boston Marathon. A year ago, she just had a mammogram done and the results were normal. So she decided to compete for the marathon and come back later for tests.

When she went back for the test, she found out that she’d had breast cancer stage 2. She started an online diary to keep viewers informed of her recovery. She undergone treatments and went for chemo but with determination, she work on most days and only miss a few days of work. She felt that had motivated others like her to believe that life can be normal.

At first, the chemo treatment had weakened her body considerably. She was used to spending 18 hours a week on running, biking and swimming. During the course of chemo treatment, she could barely muster 20 min. But she persisted do exercise even a bit, like running or walking around the block.

The drugs and chemo had killed her appetite and made her unable to sleep a night. Running made her hungry and she was able to eat better. That helped her to recover.

Now, she is 45 and had been declared cancer free. She was one of the 20 athletes who were selected from 1000 applications to ride cross country with Lance Amstrong in order to raise funds for cancer research.
Visit her online diary at:
See also her interview on breast cancer.

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