How not to gain weight when our local diet is as such…


As a multiracial nation, we get to savour and enjoy the best of all worlds- Malay, Indian, Chinese, Western…everywhere you go, there are a rich array of food, rich in fat and carbohydrate. No surprise that Malaysians have the most obesity related woes as reported in the papers:

Malaysians have most obesity-related woes in South-East Asia

MALAYSIA is first among South-East Asian countries with problems pertaining to obesity – Malaysians take in too much sugar and sweetener.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin told the Dewan Rakyat that a survey revealed on average each Malaysian consumed seven tablespoons of artificial sweeteners, four teaspoons of sugar and three teaspoons of condensed milk with their drinks daily.

Source: The Star dated 15 Nov2011

Check out the food we are having:

Western: Recent KFC breakfast as advertised:


KFCam breakfast - How not to gain weight when our local diet is as such...

Then you have the roti canai- dough kneeled with marjerin and ghee:

Fried snacks like curry puffs:


Nasi lemak:


And a host of endless delicious carbo loading easily made available to the nation all. Remember, food bought from restaurants, bakeries and fast food outlets have to taste delicious- therefore they need to load with lots of fat, sugar, flavours and MSG. Or else, who would buy bland tasting food?

To make lifestyle changes, it need not be drastic or hard. Just a little adjustments:


Fishball soup with spinach


Fish- filling, less chrolesterol and fat.


Vegetarian mix rice- less rice with lots of veges-eat that for lunch and dinner can have something really light like oats drinks.

When steamed, these tapioca (ubi kayu/ keledak) is naturally sweet, nutritious and filling:


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