Are you a Carbohydrate Addict?

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Do you feel demotivated and demoralised because:

  • you feel your life is slipping out of your control coz your weight is going out of control.
  • your sweet tooth is driving you nuts and causing you weight gain every month.
  • even after you ate a rich and sinful lunch, you still crave for an ice blended cholocate mocca?
  • if you deny your body’s desire to snack, you are unable to concentrate on anything else- it will bug and bug you till you give in to it.
  • tried lots of diet (including starvation) and in the end, put on more weight than ever?
  • people always think that you are lazy or lack will power- but you really had tried very hard to diet but they just don’t work.
  • you feel more lethargic and tired than ever- it gets worst as time goes by.

Then, I strongly recommend this book “The Carbohydrate Addict’s Life Span Diet” by Dr Richard F Heller & Dr Rachael F Heller. This book will help you to:

  • understand that you are overweight not because you are lazy or have lack of will power. Your problem is purely biological (detailed explanation is provided)
  • the authors themselves had tried so many fad diets and methods and still put on weight. They had suffered years of prejustice from society till they discovered how their bodies reacted to sugar and starches. Dr Rachael herself lost 186 pounds and does not suffer from food craving or deprivation. She kept the weight off for more than 10yrs.
  • the author introduces reward meals- so if you really must have that candy bar, you may have it once- at night. For some people, the night candy bar may start off another eating binge.
  • by eating food that stabilises your blood sugar instead of driving it haywire, you will lose weight and what’s more, it is a eating lifestyle that you can follow for life.

Before I even read this book, I had the suspicion that my sweet tooth could be the culprit of my tireness and being overweight. In April 07, then I was lucky to have found the book “Win the Sugar War” by Holly McCord. The book feature 100 real life stories of people whose life were changed when they cut off sugar. I felt so cheated by my sweet tooth that I started this blog to document my journey. he scientist in me did some research and testing- observing for my ownself how taking refined sugar and starch affects my body (increased tiredness, irritability, mood swings), I realised that my body reacts negatively with high sugar intake.

That’s why by the time I am reading this book, I knew what is mentioned in the book is very true for carbo addicts. It is not just another fad but it is something that you can stick to for life. (update 2008: now take sugar as I was able to regularise my condition through exercise. But I still believe during the initial stage, it’s best to minimize refined carbs from your diet unless you are physically very active.).

So far, my weight only dropped only about 1.5kg (since May). The drop in weight was not significant but I am starting to be able to fit into clothings that previously were just too tight for me. The regular exercise and resistance training helped- muscle makes you weight heavier.

Now I seldom suffer from food craving. Also feel more energetic. I am no longer addicted to teh tarik or coffee from restaurants and mamak- the fatigue that I know I will feel after that is just not worth it. Pyschologically, I am also changing- I no longer want to be disorganised. I enjoy tidying and decluttering my home and office desk- bit by bit. I feel much more in control of my life now.

If you are like me, I sincerely urge you to make a change in your food intake. What you take in really have a profound effect, much more than you expect it to be. If you don’t believe me, try for just 2 weeks- cut down/minimize:

  • processed sugar (or any food with added sugar- mainly processed food)
  • fruit juice
  • sweet drinks & sodas.
  • noodles, rice, white bread, pasta, pita bread- anything made from wheat.

Take more fruits and vegetable, best raw. No dressing, please.

Use fruits (oranges, grapes), dried apricots, other raw vege as snacks- learn to pack your own snacks. If you don’t know, most ready cut fruits that you buy from outside are dipped into saccharin/sugar water to make it taste sweet- so it will drive your cravings if you eat them.

Take the first step- rise to the challenge.

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