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Last Updated on June 15, 2021

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Herein a some of the transcript that I managed to copy down from Bro Soo who did  a talk on the benefits of wai tan kung. I do apologise if there are errors as Bro Soo spoke in Mandarin and I’ve translated the best I could based on my limited understanding of Mandarin. I’ve missed out some parts as well.

The key is consistent practice- we should regard such health exercises as important to be done daily, just like we have to eat everyday, we should also practice everyday. Wai tan kung should not be regarded as medicine where it is done only when sick. But it should be done everyday in order to reap the full benefits.

The ends of our fingers corresponds to the 12 meridians in our body. For example, the fourth last finger is linked to our heart meridian.

Wai tan kung consists a lot of hand movement exercises- these exercises are not forced but are to be done in a relaxed manner. The pushing and pulling motions would smoothen the flow of the body- and there are a lot of hand movement exercises because a lot of meridian points move through starting from the fingers. Moving the hands can help to clear the meridian blockages as it connects to the heart, lungs and all other vital organs in our body.

First movement- cross arm

Smoothens the flow of the arms and the back of the shoulders. The movement looks easy but if done correctly it is good for our backbone.

The movement should be relaxed- when swing forward, don’t use force but let the arms drop naturally. It is actually more straining than forced movement for beginners.

Relax and do not be stiff. If movement is stiff, the qi flow would not be smooth too. Practice till the body is supple – and in order to achieve that it relies on consistent practice. Don’t do halfway and then stop.

Even teachers who have done the same exercises for 20 years are still doing it. All wai tan kung exercises are good for the internal organs. If one stop practicing for a long time is akin to not taking bath for a long time- we can bathe and clean up our external body but we must also remember to clean up our internal body, ie chi movements.

Each time we practice, it is like taking in good nutrition and helping our qi to move more smoothly. Our face would glow and there would be less wrinkles. A number of long time practitioners don’t look their age- actually, if you guess their age, a man who looked like 40 plus year old is actually over 60 years of age.

Don’t exert energy while doing the exercises. One thing unique about wai tan kung is that force is not being used. The purpose of the exercise is to smoothen the meridian points so that qi would move smoothly. At the point of demonstration, we could see the demonstrator’s hand moving involuntarily because of qi. He said that if our body stiffens, we exert a lot of energy but if it is relaxed, qi comes.


If use energy- no qi (chi) would come

Don’t use energy- qi would come

Movements cause qi. Qi changes health. Any unwellness in our body would slowly be corrected through qi exercises just like you are taking good medicine. If you slacken and let go on your practice, it is such a pity….a real waste. It’s like you stop bathing and cleaning yourself.

When you do the exercises and find that one side of your body is stiff, it denotes the body health is not really good. With consistent practice, your health can improve.

Wai tan kung is very simple, you do everyday, and one day you will understand when you feel strong qi movements inside your body. The exercises would exercise and cleanse all the 12 meridian points in the body.

To join the wai tan kung classes, it is almost free (only pay some minimal amount for lifetime membership). And yet, the response rate is not that good. Because it’s strange actually…most people seemed to prefer paying a few thousand to learn something than to pay next to nothing to learn wai tan kung.

Bro Soo started practicing wai tan kung everyday without fail with his family. Everyday he would get up about 4am or 5am to practice. When he went for a recent medical checkup, the doctor don’t believe his test results- too healthy and had requested him to do the tests again.

Triple warmer

Sometimes after eating a meal, we may feel discomfort. It may not only be a digestive problem but could be imbalance in the Triple warmer meridian.

One day, we should go and pass motion at least 2 times a day. Eat barley about once a week. Drink the water and eat the barley also. Today, there are increased cases of large intestines cancer caused by the body’s inability to eliminate toxins from the large intestines.  Therefore,  it’s good to eat raw barley of about 100gm with 30gm of red bean. It eliminates dampness and cleanse the large intestines.

Note: There are more things that he had mentioned but was not able to jot down on time.

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