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Last weekend, I bought a very simple tool from a local market that can be used to improve circulation and help you if you constantly suffer from numbness in your extremities:


It was sold by an old man who likely would have made the tool himself. All is required is to cut some bamboo shoots into small strips- tie them with a white string and hold it together with a plastic pipe (that acts as a handle as well). Because the bamboo strips can bend easily- when cut to the correct size and tied in a bundle, it will be less painful if used to hit on the body. Furthermore, it is lightweight.

It cost me only RM5 (less than USD2). 

The man suggested that the tool to be used while watching TV- to use it to just wack areas of the body where the circulation is not active. It is similar to doing the cane exercise, except this is lighter- so your hands will not get tired using it.

The following areas of your body will benefit if you hit it with the bamboo tool:

  • middle part of the bottom of your feet
  • your palms- the middle
  • armpits
  • area behind the knees
  • the area of the upper thighs between the legs- refer to the picture on this previous post.

Caution: If you suffer from any known health condition, especially diabetes, please seek advise from your doctor. Especially for diabetes, there is a danger because if you accidentally ruptured the small blood vessels, it could lead to complications.

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