Seniors Can Exercise Without the Gym Too!

Exercising, Older Adults

 Exercising in a non gym environment

There are also many who opt to exercise in the outdoors such as parks or in the neighbourhood. Or exercising in the privacy of one’s own home. Gym is not for everyone and should not be the only solution to get active.
With determination, motivation and creativity, one can maintain a great fitness program by oneself. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you initially find that you are really out of shape or unfit. When you sow a seed, it does not take overnight for it to bear fruits. Therefore, it will not take overnight to achieve the results that you want. Take your time, and with gradual training, you will definitely see progress.

With creativity, you can think of enjoyable exercises that will help you work out a sweat. Invest in good books that provide guidance on how to start an exercise program for seniors or that carries exercise guidelines and samples covering certain health conditions. ACSM (American Council of Sports Medicine) had produced a few books that provide guidance on exercise programs for health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, eczema and osteoporosis. In Kuala Lumpur, I’ve seen these books and other good selections in Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC. ACSM is a recognized worldwide and whatever they write are based on years of research and real life cases.


Tools like resistance bands , your own body weight and a couple of dumbells will be sufficient for you to form your own training program. With a little investment, you can set up your own home gym. To keep a little socialising going, you can join yoga classes or you can team up with a few friends and get an instructor to teach in your home. There are a number of freelance yoga instructors who can come to your house to teach.

For more ideas, you can refer to my previous post: Exercise Program for Non Gym Goers.

For those intending to join a gym, you may read my previous article: Kudos to Seniors Joining the Gym

Caution: If you have not been exercising regularly before, have family history of heart disease, is above certain age (above 45 for men and 55 for women), please consult and physician and perform medical check ups to rule out any heart related ailments and health conditions that require special attention.

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