Treat ‘Wind in the Stomach’ with Simple Acupressure

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Having pains in your stomach you are unable to relieve after a few days? The sharp pain felt as though wind is trapped in your stomach? Aside from ensuring that you be well behaved and just discipline yourself to eat apples or oranges first thing in the morning & keep away from iced drinks, you can also try another quick pain relief. This is especially if you are outside and about and unable to do anything.

Treating ‘wind in the stomach’ with simple acupressure:

Objective: You need to press the acupressure point located 2 thumbwidth from your wrist.

The acupressure point is to relief congestion in the chest and stomach area. It also helps with travelling sickness.

First, lay out your right palm facing upwards. With your left thumb, place it width wise on your wrist as shown in the diagram below:


Then, move the thumb again so that you can identify the point 2 thumbwidth away. The diagram below show 2 thumbwidth away:



Press on the point located 2 thumbwidth away. You may want to move a little to your left or right because if you have got the correct point, you will feel a sharp pain. Hold it for about 10 seconds or more (till about 1 minute).  At the picture below, the point is being pressed hard by the thumb.


Then release and repeat on the other hand- you should always perform acupressure on both left and right hand (does not matter which hand you start with). You should be able to experience some relief after repeating twice on each hand.

There are several other acupressure points to relieve the bloated feeling on the stomach located at the ankle/knee and a point near the stomach area.

Personal experience

Recently, I ate nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut paste/santan) with lots of hot chili paste on a totally empty stomach. I have always loved spicy and hot food and have no problem eating rice with small, very hot chilies. But that day, the entire rice was literally filled with chili. It is made worst that it is not only normal white rice but rice cooked in santan which makes digestion difficult. Almost immediately after I ate it, I felt that my tummy was ‘overwhelmed’. I took the rice about 11am in the morning. Everything went well till I woke up the next morning about 4.30am with diarrhea- and after few trips to the toilet, I was literally passing out water. I was very careful to ensure I take enough water and 2 oranges in the morning. Then later of the day, it was followed light food that do not tax my stomach. I did not take coffee that day.

Things got better but I felt a bit of quite sharp pains occuring on and off. But at least the diarrhea went off. I tried the acupressure as shown in the diagram above and that did it- the pain was gone.

Not long ago, I was sitting on the PC at long hours as I was migrating more than 300 posts from Blogspot to this new domain. Still, I made sure I exercised- went to the gym, did cardio, weights and lots of stretches. But a dull ache was beginning to occurr on my right rotator cuff muscles. It did not take me long to figure out- I use my right hand much more because I was clicking on the mouse a lot. So I tried some stretches- it got the pain under control but the moment I spent half and hour or more on the PC, the pain came back. So, I also experimented with acupressure to relief the pain- and it works too. I hope to be posting it soon. That is why my faith in acupressure is developing (but not on acupuncture, though).

This article is part of the Stomach Ailments Series.

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