Holistic Cures for Various Stomach Ailments: Sharp pain, spasms, wind

by Yin Teing on June 28, 2008

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Many visitors came to my site looking for information to overcome stomach ailments such as pain, gastric, discomfort, spasms. A change of diet habits with more intake of fibre helps to overcome the problem. I’ve list the articles here (click on the underlinked link to read more):

Natural Cures for Stomach Ailments/ Pain/ Spasms.

Years ago, I used to suffer from all types of stomach ailments that I’ve described above. In the article, I will discuss through personal experience on how changes can cure these conditions. It’s simple and inexpensive- just learn to take the right kind of food….. (click to read more)

Stomach Pain/Spasms- Due to excessive wind element

Ever bend over due to a sharp pain that came with a feeling like air is trapped somewhere? Read about the real life story of a friend of mine, who suffered from severe pain for a few days, accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. Taking medications did not help. And how a simple prescription by Chinese medicine to remove the ‘wind’ element took the pain off immediately…(click to read more)

Curing Stomach Pain/ Wind with Simple Acupressure Technique

I tried to treat with simple acupressure that is targeted to remove ‘stale chi’ located in my chest and stomach area. And it worked for me. I have enclosed a step by step diagram for you for better illustration …(click to read more)

Battling Constipation

Constipation is no joke. Many people are constipated- and it’s really unhealthy because the body will reabsorb back the toxins (in the form of water) when stools stay in the digestive track for too long. Lots of health problems stems from digestive problems like this. It’s time to potty train again. …(click to read more)

Take 2 green apples in the morning

Read to learn how by just taking 2 green apples in the morning, it makes a world of difference to your health. If you used to feel sluggish and no energy in the morning, I would strongly recommend you replace that cup of coffee with 2 green apples (and have your coffee later, if you must with your breakfast)….(click to read more)

Why You Should Keep Away from Iced Drinks

Iced drinks have very damaging effects on your digestive system. If you have been suffering from indigestion, acid reflux, sluggish digestion, wind in the stomach and also happen to enjoy a chilled drink, you should reconsider giving up iced drinks. I have presented a few cases and personal experience in the article…(click to read more)

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