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In today’s “Second Opinion” in Discovery H&H channel, the second opinion of losing weight is being discussed. I just managed to catch the show halfway. It’s really interesting, especially the part on obesity gene- and I want to type it down before I forget.

What is the recommendation of effectively lose weight?
A: Eat before 7.30pm
Eat ‘real’ or unprocessed food like vege.
No whites like refined sugar, starch & milk.
Note: A mother tried that program and her weight dropped from 187 pounds to 167 pounds in 5 mths (dropped from size 16 to 10)

If you are very much overweight, which cause you knee pain when you tried the treadmill, or just tired you out, you have to eat well first. With nutritious food, you feel better, lose some weight and then can start exercising.
Still, a bit of activity is better than nothing at all. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and lift, instead of parking at the entrance- walk a short distance. Perhaps do some exercise while watching TV or during commercials. Activity really helps.

Athletes/ Body Builders have BMI of a Obese Person. Does it mean that the person is having health risk?
Joel Furlmon, author of “Eat to Live” thinks so. Eating to maximise muscle growth is not healthy. It’s better to be leaner than bulky. Biological “cause and effect” will not simply allow a person to eat abnormally and get away with it. For instance, studies have shown that people who go on Atkins diet for a year have 40% less blood flow to the heart. This would subsequently lead to heart disease.

Are there such thing as the obesity gene?
In countries such as Laos and Cambodia, it is not common to find someone who is obese. However, if the Laotian or the Cambodia were to migrate to America, the person would likely to subsequently become obese and be at risk of various health problems. In the evolution of our species, a person who has the obesity gene ironically can survive longer than the one with high metabolic rate when there is less food. Why? Because of slower metabolic rate, the body is able to hold on to whatever scarce reserves.
But with the typical American diet is so terrible- so much of junk, and calorie dense food, the person who is obese now stands a higher risk of heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes. It’s scary to think how food now is so calorie dense as opposed to whole foods like vege which has low calories per volume.

Avocado is a natural fruit. Does it means that we can eat it in any amount?
Avocado is packed with many nutrients but like nuts and sunflower oil, it contains higher number of calories per volume (same with durian).

You can eat green veges like broccoli and lefty vegetable in almost any amount because your stomach gets filled up very fast and you feel full. Also, it contains low volume of calories per volume. But food like avocado and nuts, it’s good to eat them but not too much. For purposes of losing weight, one should not eat more than half an avocado a day or more than an ounce of nuts. However, if you are an athlete or having regular workouts, you can take more (but not unlimited amount).

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