When Treatment and Medication are Not Effective (or the best)

In many countries, doctors are bound of strict guidelines to follow when it comes to treatment of illness and diseases. If a certain doctor is found to have deviated from the standard protocols and the patient degenerates, the doctor and the institution (clinic, hospital) can be sued for malpractice and the doctor could lose his …

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What to do when you are diagnosed with hepatitis B

If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B, close follow with your specialist (usually a gastroenterologist) is crucial. Your doctor would advice if you should begin medication for your condition (do note medication is usually long term and very expensive) or try to first control via lifestyle changes. In this article, I would address the lifestyle …

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Rice porridge and noodle soup would improve your health

Do you find yourself suffering from a general feeling of fatigue and exhaustion? Especially if you are not a morning person, you may feel especially tired in the mornings which sometimes cannot be overcome by strong doses of coffee. But in just about 2 months of consistently taking either porridge or noddle soup for breakfast, I feel a very obvious change in my energy levels. I was feeling noticeably much lesser fatigue in the morning and throughout the day.

Baraclude entecavir 0.5mg that my mom is taking

Should an acute Hepatitis B patient start on entecavir- personal experience

When my mom was diagnosed with acute hepatitis B with liver cirrhosis (liver hardening) with outer symptoms of jaundice and ascites (swelling of the abdomen and ankles), the specialist prescribed Entecavir for my mom. What you need to realize that once you start the patient on this medication, most likely it will be for life even though there is improvement in the blood works and outer physical symptoms. This medication is expensive.

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