Should Alzheimer’s patient start medication?

senior medication 300x169 - Should Alzheimer's patient start medication?

This post is written from personal experience as my mom has been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s- mid stage. Usually your geriatrician or neurologist would recommend starting the patient on medication in hope of delaying the deterioration of brain function due to Alzheimer’s. First, I would go through the advice given by the neurologist to me. [...]

Do people who got Alzheimer’s know it years before the official diagnosis?

Alzheimer symptoms start many years before it actually manifest

I believe that some people who developed Alzheimer’s in the later stages of their lives may have know something is very wrong years and even decades before their official diagnosis.  If you suspect that your forgetfulness is very unusual, it helps to do more research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and keep informed of the latest developments in battling the illness.

Finding happiness and meaning in caregiving, minimizing caregiver burnout

caregiver1 300x169 - Finding happiness and meaning in caregiving, minimizing caregiver burnout

Last year in May, I resigned from a relatively stable corporate job to care for my mother full time who suffered a fall, diagnosed with acute hepatitis and liver cirrhosis as well as showing symptoms of dementia. I never though that I would eventually ended up as a caregiver. The job fit totally did not suit me because I dislike housework, cleaning and cooking.

Caring for a parent with dementia/ Alzheimer’s

love mom 300x200 - Caring for a parent with dementia/ Alzheimer’s

In this article, I would share some symptoms of my mom who I am currently taking care of as well as some encouraging resources that I have come across. My mom has started displaying Alzheimer like symptoms since the last few years. Notable symptoms are: few years ago, a taxi driver had to call me [...]