Knee pain when getting up from sitting

Last Updated on July 18, 2020

Since the last few months, I have been suffering from progressively stiff and painful knees. It can to such an extend that when I attempted to get up, especially after sitting on the floor, my knees were painful and stiff.

I had to hold on to something to help boost me up as my legs felt as they were made from lead. It was then that I fully understood the predicament of old ladies and know how they felt when their knees had no energy when getting up.

Usually when an elderly person has such a condition, knee replacement surgery is often recommended. A person who have performed knee replacement surgery would not be able to bend their knees too much or kneel for the rest of their life.

It was hard for me to accept as I have not reached the middle age, let alone elderly category.  It is not normal.

Then my teacher came to visit and seeing my condition, she performed the vacuum acu cupping technique on me and it worked! I no longer had stiff painful knees when getting up from sitting.  I love to sit cross legged on the floor and getting up from the floor was no longer painful.

I wish to share the techniques in this blog because it works and if done correctly, it could save one from operation. We did not take any videos of the procedures and from YouTube, I found a video below that resembles what my teacher did:

Vacuum acu cupping

I am aware that this method is being taught in some complimentary therapy schools in Thailand. Basically you need to apply oil (example baby oil) to the area. Then place an acu cup and pump the air and move the cups along the meridian points. If you do not apply oil, it would be very painful.

I am not sure why the patient in the video above does not look as if she was in a lot of pain. First my teacher started administering vacuum acu cupping on my shoulders and back. Jeez, it was PAINFUL. My shoulders and back got deep red lines and some areas were even blue black. From a previous iridology reading, it was correctly diagnosed that I had some inflammation on a part of my left shoulder. When my teacher run the acu cup over the area, it was blue black.

Earlier a friend of mine was also treated and she was literally screaming during the treatment. She complained that her hands always felt numb and she did not have much energy so when the vacuum acu cupping was done she was literally screaming at pain. Her entire shoulder had terrible bruises like and that night she told me it was painful for her to lie down. But after the treatment her hands no longer felt numb.

Knee stiffness and pain that was very much relieved after acu cupping treatment

Usually I also did dry acu cupping treatments on my knees by putting the cups around the area of my knees and upper thighs. It does offer relief but only slightly.

The vacuum acu cupping was effective. My teacher commended that my legs felt cold, meaning the circulation was not travel well to my legs. Hence it would give a lot of problem like numbness, stiffness or pain. To improve the circulation, she used acu pressure to press on certain points in my buttocks which again was VERY PAINFUL to help release the blockages and move the circulation downwards.

She mentioned some points were for the lower back (connecting to the kidneys), womb and lower limbs. After that, she worked on vacuum acu cups on my knees downward. Not much pain is felt if a person does not have any problem in the area.

My teacher also mentioned that the purpose of the vacuum acu cupping where you move the cups around is to pull the vessels to the surface and allow circulation to flow freely. It has to be done back and forth a few times and one need to bear with the intense pain- once the vessel is brought up to the surface, the pain would be instantly relieved.

More than 10 years ago, she once had a fall from the ceiling area while doing some repairs and the fall had damaged her back that she could hardly move without pain. Eventually a Chinese practitioner used a bamboo cane to beat her back and raise up the blue black on the surface. She said the vacuum acu cupping is similar, with the advantage that it uses less energy compared to using bamboo canes to bring up the blocked vessels on the surface.

After the treatment, my knees does not feel painful when I try to get up from sitting on the floor and I need not hold on to something to help me up. However from experience, I know that such forms of treatment would only last a few months.

For a more longer duration, one also have to abstain from certain drinks and food that can trigger stiffness and arthritis. No only food that are listed but also listen to your body…. if you notice that after eating certain type of food you get pain or stiffness, then it is better to avoid or minimize the intake of such food if you do not wish to suffer the pain.

Disclaimer: The above is only sharing based that there are alternatives to knee pain and this has worked. Please do not try and experiment this on your own without any guidance.

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