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Symptoms by a sufferer:

For several weeks I have had severe burning sensations in my left shoulder blade and in my elbow and lower left arm. About 4 months ago, I had a round of heart tests done due to chest pain. I had an echo, stress, and cardiac cath done, all tests were negative.

The burning pain in my left shoulder is there most of the day. I am 29 years old and other than some acid reflux, am healthy for the most part.

My 2 cents:

Note: The symptoms above mimics a possible heart problem but since the person had undergone all tests and is negative, then I would like to add my 2 cents here.

Discomfort and unexplained problems on shoulders and elbows can be work related- as we use our hands to work. And work stress and tension has its way of building up on the shoulders and back.

Even though experts mentioned about repetitive muscle injury/strain- ie the cause is when we use the muscle a lot, it does not explain why all the other people in the office who are doing the same things as us do not experience that. As such, it could be related to job satisfaction, or in this context, the lackof it.

For example, if you enjoy doing something like playing Facebook Cafe or downloading YouTube videos, you can be at the computer for 10 hours everyday and yet feel relatively little pain- well perhaps a slight discomfort. But we can be at a job we hate for even 2 hours and the pain can start.

We need our hands to do our work- if we do not like our job, as we use our hands to type, write or pack things (or whatever that we are doing), tension builds up because the heart is not happy about it. Often, we are just working to earn a living and how many of us can be at the job we love? So we toll away day and night- it’s the money over our core beliefs.  So when we refuse to listen to the distraught messages that our body is sending us, it would do us a favor and give the pain- because the pain gives us permission to rest and to be away from work.

Often when we have pain in the heart and the tests come back negative- it is due we are stuck in something or doing something we are not happy about. It may go even against our core and yet we do not say no. Such symptoms should make us stop to ponder and acknowledge if there is an issue- and to think of our next course of action. Because if we choose to ignore it, this pain (regardless of whether something shows up in the tests or not) would surely weaken the organ’s energy or ‘chi’ regardless of how you call it. One day, it would become a real physical health problem.

And acid reflux- it is often very much related to stress. My guess is that you are at a job that you really don’t want to do because your body’s response is that it’s like ‘want to throw up’.

If you take a vacation to somewhere you really love, and do not keep in touch with work, ie you do not need to worry about the work because there’s someone to help…and the all the pain vanished, then….the answer is already there.

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