Lap Chun – day where chi on earth is the strongest


Lap chun falls on a specific date during each Chinese New Year. During this time, chi/ qi energy from earth is said to be at its strongest. This is demonstrated by the fact that even uncooked eggs can stand up by itself- and I could see a few updates by friends with real photos of uncooked eggs standing up.

It is best to use the time to practice qi gong or energy healing exercises that would help to recharge the energies in our body. As the chi is strongest during that time, our practice would be most effective.

qigong - Lap Chun - day where chi on earth is the strongest

Just now during lap chun, I joined a group of practioners doing chi related exercises (instead of trying to make uncooked eggs stand). Sure enough, I could feel stronger qi/chi or energy movements. The chief instructor commented that if we can absorb the good chi during that time, the whole year we would be able to enjoy good chi.

In my experience with wai tan kung practice, in the span of few short months, it has yield immense benefits for me. Almost every morning, I do the exercises faithfully and I was able to have enough energy to get me throughout the way. Just one hour in not even intense aerobic exercise but seemingly fluid movements yields so much more benefits that all the types aerobic exercises that I’ve done.

Another thing is that due to stress of working life especially within the few months, my intense sinus were flaring up even up to twice a week. When it happens it is not a laughing matters as the sneezes were voilent and leaves me totally drained up with almost half a box of good quality 3 layered tissues being used up.

Within a week of learning wai tan kung, my intense sinus outbreak have reduced and now, I could not remember the last time when it happened. Now, it is part of my lifestyle and I would not want to go to work without my daily chi enhancing exercises.

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