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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Earlier this week, I was having lunch with a few of my friends. The topic of discussion went on about doctors….

My friend G
Diagnosed illness: Nephritis (an auto immune disease whereby her own immune system is attacking her own kidneys) & high blood pressure.
Other signs that started appearing: Drastic increase in weight and sweat a lot (really, she really sweat buckets)
She was diagnosed of this condition for more than 3 years and she is really making every effort to take care of her health. But she suddenly started putting on lots of weight- even though there is no increased food intake. Her normal doctor did not comment or recommend any tests when seeing her weight gain. She then saw a gynecologist- and this is what transpired:
G: Doctor why am I putting on so much of weight lately?
Dr: You put on weight is because you eat a lot.
G: But I did not eat a lot. I only ate my normal meals.
Dr: I can see that you are putting on weight because you eat a lot (She then poked her stomach) You see, it’s hard- that means those are fat.
G: Dr, I really ate my normal rate.
Dr: Tell me, which fat girl will ever admit that she eats a lot.

Gosh, talk about being blunt. Anyway, her mom brought her to see a Chinese doctor.

What the Chinese doctor said:
She actually did not have high blood pressure. The blood pressure was high due to stress (sure enough, she was off blood pressure meds the next time she visited her urologist)
Her body is ‘too cooling’, that means she should reduce raw food and eat a bit of meat. When she voiced her concern about her urologist asking her to eliminate protein, the Chinese doctor said, “in your current condition, your body is already getting rid of protein, so if you were to reduce further, where are you going to get your source?”
Anyway, he gave her some medications- and after taking the meds, guess what happened:

  • her weight normalised
  • the excessive sweating was gone- she was no longer going around with a hanky.

My friend J’s brother-in-law’s maid.

The maid was complaining of persistent breast pain. So he took her to a private hospital to check. The doctor (a GP) said it was nothing and could be probably due to PMS. So they went back and she ate the painkillers prescibed by the doctor. But the pain never subsided. They went again and the doctor prescribed a higher dosage of painkiller. The doctor insisted there was nothing wrong- and he did not even do any checkup. After a few rounds, J’s brother-in-law was so upset that he raised his voice, “how can the pain happens all the time? If you do not know your work, then refer me to somebody who does!”.

The doctor reluctantly wrote a letter and the maid was taken to General Hospital for checkup. The doctor at GH immediately confirmed it is an advanced stage of breast cancer and immediately want to admit her for operation. But the maid was worried that she will die in the operation and have no chance to see her family in Indonesia. She opted to go back to Indonesia for the operation.

Even J herself have a growth in her womb and the first doctor was trying to recommend unnecessary expensive treatment methods. When she consulted a second doctor, he was more concerned for her and explained to her all the pros and cons.

That’s why, it’s important that we should seek second opinion. However, for life threatening illness such as cancer, I would not recommend that the patient go purely holistic- such as going completely organic and not seeking treatment. Sadly, I have seen people choosing that route is no longer alive today.

For cancer, diabetes, heart condition, one can follow mainstream treatment while at the same time applying complementary alternative treatment such as reiki and quantum touch, at the same time, the person can practice qi gong.

I am still trying to learn more about complementary medicine as this has been my new direction. It is worthwhile also to note that all 3 branches of ancient and traditional healing practice: Tradional Chinese & Malay medicine, and Ayurvedic- does not agree to elimination method, ie cutting open the body and removing the diseased part. Generally the method is to treat and boost the body’s immune system or to current an element imbalance. It works with the body, not against it. Will try to write more as I learn more…

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