I am tired most the time, is there something wrong with my heart?

Heart Diseases, Mind-Body Connection

In this instance, the person had been getting enough sleep but wondered why he still feel very tired.

Of course, if any discomfort felt at the chest or left shoulder/hand region, one should get it medically checked. Few years ago, a friend of a friend passed away from heart failure. She was appearently healthy, not overweight, married with a young kid. She was only in her early thirties.

One day she developed flu like symptoms- went to bed and never woke up.

That’s why, it’s important to get ourselves checked if we are feeling discomfort.

But pain and discomfort in the heart relates very much to our inner will to live and peace within. If we constantly push ourselves to do things that we do not want to do, we may feel pain the heart after sometime. And if we continue pushing ourselves and ignoring our inner voice, then when our emotions and spirit becomes tired, the condition would manifest into physical tiredness- and the person literally felt my heart feels painful and had not strength. I am very tired“.

Actually, we may be too tired pushing ourselves. These are often signs that we need to slow down- that the pace we are going is too fast- and also, if we are adrenaline and caffeine driven, then we need to cut down the caffeine dosages as it would further amplify the problems- causing our blood vessels to stiffen and thus make blood flow more constrictive.

Sometimes, I do wonder if technology craze is truly beneficial or otherwise… if we do not indulge in moderation.  A recent newspaper article mentioned that more than 85% of mobile users here are using Smartphone. With Smartphone, we can be online and ‘keeping up with the updates” 24/7.  We can work on our emails when we are on the move- like in the car, during travelling and even during family time.

At work, we need to crack our brains to solve problem- some people push themselves through dousing tonnes of strong coffee and/or smoking. When work cannot finish, we take them home to continue or we have to keep taking ‘urgent’ calls from the office. Then we also have to worry and take care of our family, our growing kid who is starting to get rebellious and keeping the house in order. And then we also cannot resist poking our noses at others’ Facebook updates. The mind and heart gets no rest- and when the mind cannot properly unwind, the sleep may not get peaceful.

In the long run, we would feel tired, lethargic and drained- it is so much that we can take. Often, many people including doctors would advise us to relax and also learn to let go…don’t hang on too tight to things.

For me, my day job now is honestly quite mentally challenging. There are times that I feel totally drained and out of strength. What I usually do would be:

  • take a walk around the building- enjoy the breeze and just relax and don’t think about stuff while taking the walk (I only do it during lunch time and after work)
  • during extra minutes in break, I find a quiet corner and close my eyes for a short while
  • go over and talk to friend- and if I still have to stay back after works to complete my work (which I usually need to), I would just do something relaxing like practice writing my Thai syllables- because it uses a totally different part of my brain 🙂
  • go over the rest section and take a look at the newspaper for a few minutes

After work, I also learn to cut down on other activities that may take up mental energy- including blogging, watching TV, surfing net and Facebook.

These has helped me to unwind- the brain really need to rest and we cannot continue pushing it all the time.  When our attention is often distracted and directed outwards- thinking, analyzing and psychoanalyzing stuff, judging people, trying to pick and learn new things- that may not be necessary… we would find it easier to feel drained. No doubt modern gadgets are fun and addictive to use- but it also keeps us more distracted and tired.

While sometimes despite our best efforts we cannot cut down on our workload (and thus our stress levels), we can control how we deal with the situation and also what we do after working hours, off days and weekends. Make the best of those time to really relax without external distractions. It can really help in overcoming tiredness and lethargy.

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