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Was doing some research over at YouTube on benefits  and sample of exercises using the rebounder (since I have recently bought the Reebok trampoline from Fitness concept for RM280). The main reason I bought is because it’s relatively inexpensive and according to my friend who is a yoga instructor- there’s virtually no impact on the joints and helps in lympathic drainage.  The Reebok trampoline is also more sturdy and smaller in size compared to the Trax brand.

Would like to share the videos with everyone (you can also do your own searches via YouTube under rebounder exercises):

Click on the pictures to view the videos via YouTube:

1. Benefits of Rebounder Exercises by Life Generator and sample exercise:


  • Like this video because it’s down-to-earth and ‘genuine’. The presenter did the entire video by bouncing on the rebounder. Some pointers he mentioned:
  • lympatic system does not have a pump unlike our cardiovascular system to move fluids such as white blood cells and flush waste out.
  • toxins and antibiotics are trapped in the body if the system is sluggish
  • eliminate stress out of shoulders – he suggests that tension headaches- drink green juice and then rebound to flush out the stagnant fluid. Afterwich, you may just recover from tension headaches

2. Basics of rebounding


  • Explains the benefits of rebounding: even movement is slow, don’t underestimate the benefits it can do to us (as also explained in the first video)
  • beginning within the first week, don’t spend more than 5 to 10 min bouncing on it, ie don’t overdo
  • benefits: flush lympatic system and toxins
  • suitable for elderly and those with Alziemers- by just sitting on the rebounder and bouncing on it, it can get circulation moving
  • gravitational force- when bounce, you’re weightless and combination of gravitational forces stimulates all cells in your body to become stronger
  • create strength in the body – even if you don’t do push ups, pull ups or lift weights, being on the rebounder strengthens the cells in your body- by just body bouncing 5 or 10 minutes you would notice that the jiggly stomach and thighs seemed to tighten up
  • gets our body toned and tight

3. Urban Rebounding Compilation


These are more intensive exercises- would not advise to do without presence of a trainer- especially if you have past injuries, elderly or just starting out.

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