Stick to one method of healing- for too many may cause conflict

Complementary Healing

When you are trying to learn healing, you may do research on various methods and attempt to try out each method first to find one that you may have the natural aptitude or affinity in.  Then you would eventually need to find the method that you would like to focus and settle with. And then to focus to learn up the method till you are able to gain expertise and skill in it.

If at one time you wish to do various methods at once, it may result in inconsistencies and conflict. For example, tai chi, chi kung and wai tan kung each focus on various expects of the chi. If a person were to combine all two or three methods together, it would cause disruption and conflict of chi movement. The end result- the person may become more unwell and sick than before.

I learned this after an experience teacher told two students not to do so many healing methods at once. This two students are practicing qi gong and tai chi at the same time and wondered why there is no improvement- so they decide to learn wai tan kung. And instead of learning the method, they spent a lot of time doubting, raising questions and comparing- “why is this different and that different?”. In the end, they learn nothing.

You see, any form of chi (or qi)  kung exercises are very effective as it opens up the meridian points in our body. But the focus of each method is different- so you need to focus and learn one method well before you decide. Also, regardless of type, all qi related exercises must be perform with a calm mind, with the mind present with the movement and the breath. If the intellectual brain were to keep questioning, comparing, doubting, debating within- one would not derive any benefit.

This is especially important if a person is suffering from conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, joint pain and would like to seek a complimentary treatment together with the conventional treatment- focus on one method and learn it well- get the movements right, get the breathing right. Don’t do all types and mix them up. It causes more harm than good.

It is the same for meditation as well- if we choose to practice meditation to relax and calm our mind, then stick to one method- if we find that we are stuck or that method is not working for us, then only we change to another method…. until we find the one that is right for us. When I see people going from one type of practice to another, waivering from this to that….and then during discussion only like to talk and that indulge in intellectual debates, I know that they can learn for 20 years but would not derive much benefit.

A familiar simile would be like with marriage- before we go steady with someone, we may go out with different people. But once we have identified the person who we wish to spend our lives with, then we make our choice. If we are married and go out fooling around, it would eventually spell disaster.

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