Developing strength in the legs after stroke

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A stroke attack, the doctor may pronounce that the patient would not be able to walk again. Most people would try to accept the fact that the loved one would be bedridden or on a wheelchair for life. Hopefully the person had bought insurance so that the medical fees are taken care off. Sometimes, a member of the family would quit the job and look after the person full time.

In this article, I am not proposing that the form of treatment works, but I wish to open one’s mind to the practices in Thailand, as witnessed by my own eyes.

Thailand is very famous for its massage- as most people who travel to Thailand would undoubtly go for one of the massage parlor and get a massage from a pretty lass for about 140 baht per hour. But I am not referring to that form of massage- even though it does help a certain extend to improve blood circulation.

As I have talked about Paw Moh in my previous articles, he is a traditional and trained healer who uses massage to heal. Paw Moh himself had suffered from a stroke and recovered- he now uses massage to help others. When a person goes to see Paw Moh, he would ask for the person’s health ailments- if the person has stomach pains, he would massage the calves- not the stomach. And the person would feel better.

Below is a photo of Paw Moh performing massage on a stroke patient. The patient looked to be over 70 years old but in fact he is just 53 years old this year. His beautiful wife in her forties (who looked more like his daughter because this man looked so old) and his teenage son accompanied him to see Paw Moh.

Below: Paw Moh massaging the stroke victim- it is to improve the circulation and strength of his hands:


This man got a stroke 2 years ago and was paralyzed from the waist down- even looking at him you would have noticed that one side of his mouth is crooked. This man was told by doctors that he could not walk again- so his wife, who knew about Paw Moh through recommendation from others, bought him over. By the time I was there, they had already been through a few sessions previously.

When the man came, he had to be supported by his wife and son who literally used the strength of their shoulders and arms to carry him on each side. His bottom of his feet was pale and colourless- signifying no blood flow in the area.

Below, one of Paw Moh’s disciple massaging the stroke victim:


At the end of the 2 hours massage, of course we do not expect instant miracles. But at least, the man could slowly move his feet and support some of his body’s own weight. Aside from just the physical treatment, I must say that Paw Moh is also a very kind and compassionate man- he actually talked to the man, firmly- asking him to be strong and must want to get better. He also taught his wife some massage that she could do for her husband at home.

Once, the massaged a lady and told her that her whole body is so stiff and a number of her veins were blocked. It was fortunate that she came for the massage- for she was a walking stroke time bomb. The lady had been having a host of health problems and pains prior to visiting him- for I also know the lady personally.

I told Paw Moh that if he was to come to Malaysia and Singapore, he could really be very much richer- and can easily charge up to RM80 to RM100 per hour for massage. If he is in US, he would even strike it rich- because it is so rare to find healers like him who really know the inner channels and network of the body. But I guess he is a person who is not after wealth- after all, his daughters have grown up to be quite successful. He had no intention to commercialise himself- but he had a few disciples who had learned the skills from him.

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