Common Food Combinations that Trigger Hypoglycemia or Sudden Hunger

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After I began to be more physically active, episodes of hypoglycemia has reduced tremendously. That’s why I’ve always encourage folks out there to begin an exercise program- it does wonders to regulate blood sugar in your body, improve circulation, and reduce chronic body pains.

If you find that you are physically hungry even though you have just eaten not long, you may be suffering from a mild hypoglycemia attack, ie your blood sugar dipped. This is normally triggered when you take food that are high on GI, ie food that converts quickly to blood sugar. Think of white bread, sweet drinks, doughnuts, biscuits, etc.


However, I’ve noticed that I do suffer from hypoglycemia if I take the following food combinations with coffee (especially those high in caffeine content):

  • biscuits
  • white bread with butter and jam

Or sometimes after breakfast of bread or biscuits, if I drink a cup of thick coffee, I find that within half an hour to one hour, I will suffer from physical hunger, even though I know that there is still food in my stomach. And if I don’t eat, my hands will start to shake a little- so if I want to type on the keyboard or sms, I am unable to do it. And my thinking faculties seemed to be affected.

I’ve had a similar attack last year while sitting for an external paper because of exam stress and the fact that I was loading on high GI carbs- carbohydrates that converts quickly to blood sugar.

What you can do if you suffer from such episodes- that is you are physically hungry even though you know that you have just eaten:

  • identify food combination triggers- each one of us may get triggered by different food combinations. Take note of the food that you have taken 2 hours prior to the hunger and avoid those combinations.
  • be more physically active- start a systematic exercise program. Really, exercise works wonders and regulates blood sugar- with that, you suffer less from illogical hungers
  • stress is usually combined with these factors, so learn to relax and calm down more.
  • take in more fiber like fruits and vegetables or consume food that is moderate or low in G.I like oats, protein, peanut butter (please watch out on the food portion).

When you feel physically hungry, you will be prompted to eat. This would lead to overeating and weight gain. And none of us are happy when we put on weight- furthermore, it’s not worth it. Once you identify the triggers and take care of them, there will be less episodes and necessity to overeat.

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