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Last Updated on July 23, 2017

Yesterday marked the first day of the Malaysian Year End Sale. Before 10am, I had already parked my car at a popular shopping complex. One thing about I intended to go and get myself a shawl but ended up getting a pair of shoes and a big bag of clothes. Well, I have not actually shopped for clothes for so long…. and December’s the best to get discounted clothes.

As mentioned in my previous post, Scales from Hell, the weighing scale for me did not show much of a reduction in weight.
I only lost at most about 5kg since I started my eating and exercise plan. But friends had commented that I’ve lost weight and looked different. My clothes fit better. I am wearing a pair of jeans that is 2 inches smaller. All this does not show up in the weighing scale.

I am glad that I can now wear blouses in designs that I love. In the past, I used to buy clothes that were a bit too tight, hoping to lose weight and fit into them later. So now, I could slowly fit into them- and I started wearing them one by one. My friends would ask me, “is that a new blouse”, not knowing that the blouse had previously sat in my closet for ages.

Yesterday during my shopping, I tried on a couple of blouses that I like and was surprised that I actually looked ok in them.

The main reason that drove me to change my eating plans and to start exercising is to beat fatigue that was robbing of a quality and productive life. But looking better in clothes is definitely a great bonus and motivation to continue.

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