My Cheat Day

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

I would say that my cheat day is normally Wednesday. This is because every Wednesday, our cleaning lady will make a few jugs of milk tea and coffee. She’s good at making the drinks. Needless to say, I’m always the first to arrive with my cups- I will take about a cup of coffee and tea each. And it’s nice to accompany it with some light cakes. And sometimes, I refill them. Yum yum, totally awesome….

How do I compensate for the “cheating”?

Usually, I make sure I have a good workout either on the night or the day after. It helps:

  • to prevent fatigue coming in on subsequent days due to overeating of sugar.
  • it also prevents the onset of sugar addiction and cravings on subsequent days
  • to burn the calories accumulated and prevents it from depositing onto the tummy.

I also take very light food- maybe a glass of Ensure (for nutrition) or just some fruits after my workout. I love the coffee and tea served on Wednesday and am not prepared to give it up. When it comes to any form of eating, it’s important to have some kind of trade off. Since I do enjoy exercising, it just gives me more reasons why I should be getting to the gym.

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