What’s Stopping You from Exercising?

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I have quite a number of friends who don’t really fancy exercising. Common quoted excuse:

  • No time (most popular)
  • Too much of an effort
  • Got joint/lower back problems- and get pain when try to exercise.

About 4 years ago when I was working on shift, I get off during certain weekdays and used to go hiking up Bkt Kiara (when there was not many people). Within 3 months, I had managed to lose some weight off my bums. Of course, when I went back to regular hours, that stopped and with the aid of bad eating habits, more weight crept in. That was not such an issue to me- the thing I cannot tolerate is the tiredness that came with my lifestyle and eating habits.

So one year ago, I finally joined a gym coz I could not stand feeling tired all the time. What happened is that I was teaching a group of newbies and there were a few of them who was gym goers. They told me they used to face the same problems and seeing their high energy levels (they were quite a cheeky bunch), I decided to give the gym a try.

I remembering debating with the consultant (over the expensive fees and the fact that surely I cannot stick to it). Gym memberships are expensive and they tend to bond you for at least a year. Finally, he asked me to stop being so negative and that he was sure I will stick to it.

One year down the line, I am still an avid gym goer. In fact, as mentioned in my previous post, I am now addicted to exercising. I realised that with exercise, and at the same time you lower especially your sugar intake, will make you feel very energetic and well.

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You may think that if you have knee or lower back pain (not due to injury but due to a sedentary lifestyle), you should not subject your body to gym type of exercise. It’s not entirely true- you can cure those chronic conditions by using yoga. If you had an injury or slipped disk, yoga is a very good cure- but it is advisable to take up a class where you could be given personal attention. Basically, if you go a yoga class from a gym, you may not get the personal attention that you need.

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