What’s Stopping You from Exercising?

Last Updated on July 23, 2017

I have quite a number of friends who don’t really fancy exercising. Common quoted excuse:

  • No time (most popular)
  • Too much of an effort
  • Got joint/lower back problems- and get pain when try to exercise.

About 4 years ago when I was working on shift, I get off during certain weekdays and used to go hiking up Bkt Kiara (when there was not many people). Within 3 months, I had managed to lose some weight off my bums. Of course, when I went back to regular hours, that stopped and with the aid of bad eating habits, more weight crept in. That was not such an issue to me- the thing I cannot tolerate is the tiredness that came with my lifestyle and eating habits.

So one year ago, I finally joined a gym coz I could not stand feeling tired all the time. What happened is that I was teaching a group of newbies and there were a few of them who was gym goers. They told me they used to face the same problems and seeing their high energy levels (they were quite a cheeky bunch), I decided to give the gym a try.

I remembering debating with the consultant (over the expensive fees and the fact that surely I cannot stick to it). Gym memberships are expensive and they tend to bond you for at least a year. Finally, he asked me to stop being so negative and that he was sure I will stick to it.

One year down the line, I am still an avid gym goer. In fact, as mentioned in my previous post, I am now addicted to exercising. I realised that with exercise, and at the same time you lower especially your sugar intake, will make you feel very energetic and well.

You may think that if you have knee or lower back pain (not due to injury but due to a sedentary lifestyle), you should not subject your body to gym type of exercise. It’s not entirely true- you can cure those chronic conditions by using yoga. If you had an injury or slipped disk, yoga is a very good cure- but it is advisable to take up a class where you could be given personal attention. Basically, if you go a yoga class from a gym, you may not get the personal attention that you need.

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