Yip Har Choo plant for end stage liver failure

Yip Har Choo- herb for end stage liver cirrhosis and acute hepatitis

Yip Har Choo  叶下珠 (translated as ‘Pearls under the leaves’) or its scientific name Phyllanthus urinaria that is claimed to be able to cure end stage liver cirrhosis. I decided to write this article after hearing from 2 separate persons with end stage liver failure who could cure it with this plant after doctors have told them there is nothing that could be done.

Black Face General Plant Herb for Detox

My friend, a cancer survivor of more than 10 years introduced the benefits of a herb called the Black Face General to be used to detox. It is good for detox for the liver and digestive system. Sometimes darker skin pigmentation appears on the upper cheek below the eyes which may indicate an overworked liver. My friend have this too and after a few times of taking the herb, the discoloration went off. Much cheaper than expensive skin treatments.

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